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Reba McEntire Asks Fans Which Song They’d Prefer on an Acoustic Greatest Hits Album

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Country music singer Reba McEntire took to social media on Monday afternoon to pose a question to her more than two million fans and followers.

Reba casually tells her followers on Twitter that she may be planning an acoustic greatest hits album somewhere down the line. She asks fans which of two of her most popular hit songs they would rather hear remastered.

“If I were to someday record an acoustic/unplugged/stripped album of some of my greatest hits, which song would you rather hear reimagined?” McEntire poses to her followers on Twitter. She then includes a Twitter poll allowing users to vote for either “You Lie” and ” And Still.”

Of course, “You Lie” was released by Reba McEntire in August of 1990. It was the first single from her 17th album Rumor Has It. The song became her 14th No. 1 country hit.

“And Still” was released five years later by Reba as the fifth single from her album Read My Mind. The song was able to peak at No. 2 on the Billboard Hot Country Singles and Tracks chart.

Reba McEntire Fans Respond to Twitter Poll

As it currently stands, the Twitter poll has already gotten nearly 2,400 votes in only an hour of being posted online. There’s still a day left of the poll being live, but it seems like the majority of Reba fans would like to hear a reimagined version of “You Lie.” That option has received 60.8 percent of the votes while “And Still” has only gotten 39.2 percent.

And while the poll seems to be a little one-sided, the comments section seems to be split right down the middle. Several Reba fans voiced their opinions on which song should be reimagined and why.

Shane Tarleton (@StarletonEnt) has his mind made up. He commented saying, “A thousand times YOU LIE!!”

Meanwhile, Jim Malazita (@nauga54) was on the other side of the fence. He says, “And Still. I love both but we need more heart and less heartache.”

And as for Rayn (@DearRaynAnTwine), they couldn’t decide which one to choose, saying the decision was too hard.

“This is hard. I wanna say ‘You Lie’ but I wanna go with the underdog and say ‘And Still.’ As we all know, anything you touch is magical.

And finally, Sherbear (AzRebaNut) wrote what we are all thinking. “Ms Reba! I think it would be a dream come true for every Reba fan out here to hear both “You Lie” and “And Still” in an uplugged version. It would be amazing to hear! We so need this in our life. Please Reebs 😃❤️💃”

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