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Reba McEntire and Her Sister Nail ‘Sky Full of Angels’ Duet in 2003

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Reba McEntire is, by all accounts, a country music legend. Not only did she pave the way for women to be apart of country music, but for all women in music. Her career has been outstanding, and she is very much still going strong.

Reba McEntire’s hardcore fans likely know that her sister is a singer too. Susie McEntire is an incredible singer as well. Together, they have made music and recorded a couple of songs.

Nonetheless, the two McEntire siblings have been chasing the same dream for a long time. Ever since the two were little girls growing up in Oklahoma, they wanted to be country music stars. It certainly helped their careers that their mother wanted the same thing for herself.

Consequently, both Reba McEntire and Susie were given early lessons in how to create music. The McEntire siblings took these lessons to heart and went on to make names for themselves.

Reba McEntire and Her Sister, Susie, Collaborated on “Sky Full of Angels” in 2003.

When Reba McEntire and Susie McEntire were old enough, they did the sensible thing and made a band together. They called their group The Singing McEntires. The two sisters made a point to include their older brother, Pake, in their band.

Together, the three McEntire’s released their first original song, “The Ballad of John McEntire.” While the song was never a chart-topper, it remains a favorite of early Reba McEntire fans. Afterward, Reba left to go make a name for herself on her own.

But, Reba McEntire never forgot her roots and got her sister’s help with one of her songs. Susie and Reba recorded a southern gospel style song in 2003 called “Sky Full of Angels.”

Even though the song was not nearly as popular as some of Reba’s biggest hits, it still showcases both women’s incredible talent. The two sisters sound almost identical on the track.

The song is not an original but rather a classic song for gospel singers. Undoubtedly, the two had fun recording the song together as evidenced by the chemistry on the song. Their version of “Sky Full of Angels” is a passionate rendition that captures the spirit of both country music and gospel music.