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Sam Hunt Shares Childhood Dream of Becoming a Bull Rider

(Photo by Kevin Mazur/Getty Images for iHeartMedia)

Country music singer and songwriter Sam Hunt has carved out a nice career on the big-time music stage. With songs like “Leave the Night On” and “Hard to Forget,” his star is continually on the country music rise.

Hunt is noted for blending different genres into his music and vocals. He often incorporates pop and R&B into performances. Hunt has won several awards during his career including being recognized with a CMT Music Award. He also has one American Music Award and nominations for Billboard Music and Grammy Awards.

Sam Hunt Recalls Childhood Memories

While his career took off in 2014, Hunt once saw himself pursuing a completely different path to stardom. From Cedartown, Georgia and a true Southerner at heart, it was bull riding that once had his attention. Speaking with CMT.com, Hunt says one of his first passions was sitting atop an animal hoping not to get bucked off.

“I remember being really excited when I got into riding horses,” he recalls. “One Christmas I got a Mustang that I named Comanche, and that was a really exciting time. I rode all the time after that and was able to ride whenever I wanted to. I remember one year, it probably started from the horse-riding thing, but I got into wanting to be a bull rider.”

While his fans are happy he chose a career in music instead of an arena, Hunt says he still fondly recalls riding memories.

“I was still pretty young, so one Christmas we got a little steer calf,” he says. “It had a little rope, and I’d try to ride the calf.”

That calf would eventually grow into a bull that the family had to get rid of after an incident with Hunt’s grandmother.

“He sort of grew up with us, and grew into a bull, and ended up getting after my grandmother one afternoon,” he recalls. “We had to get rid of him. He was just playing but she wasn’t really the playful type.”