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On This Day: Alan Jackson Makes Guest Appearance on ‘Home Improvement’ in 1996

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Remember when Alan Jackson appeared on “Home Improvement?” Jackson was still rising to the legendary status that he’s known for when he took on “Tool Time,” the fictitious fix-it show that Tim Allen’s and Richard Karn’s characters hosted.

Tim Taylor (Allen) asks the crowd of his show to give a warm “Tool Time” welcome to the show’s guest, a 1950 customized Mercury. Al Borland (Karn) tells Tim that their guest isn’t the car. It’s actually the man who owns the car. Tim doesn’t seem too enthused. He answers with an, “Oh yeah.” Al continues to say that it’s Country Music Association’s Entertainer of the Year, Alan Jackson.

Jackson walks out on stage, wearing his signature cowboy hat, denim jacket, and tight fitting jeans.

Tim asks, a well-known car enthusiast, “Who did the customizing for you?”

Jackson responds, “I thought you were taller than that?” After all, the 6-foot-4 man towers over Allen. Tim tells Jackson that he looks taller on TV, and answers Tim’s question on who did the customizing. Tim is more concerned about getting the mechanic on the show, rather than listening to Jackson play a song.

Al put Tim back on track, and remind him that Alan Jackson is there to perform his hit remakes of K.C. Douglas’ 1948 hit, “Mercury Blues.”

Jackson and his band perform the song, while Tim finds himself in the car, wearing a cowboy hat. At one point, it looks like Tim actually breaks a nob off inside the classic car. When the song ends, the crowd cheers for Jackson.

Behind Alan Jackson’s ‘Mercury Blues’

Alan Jackson released his version of the country classic in Sept. 1993 on his album A Lot About Livin’ (And a Little ‘Bout Love). The song peaked at No. 2 for Jackson on both the U.S. Billboard Hot Country Song and the RPM Country Tracks in Canada.

What’s more Jackson’s version of the song was picked up by Ford Motor Company. The catchy tune was used for commercials by the major vehicle manufacturer. Additionally, Ford changed the line “crazy about a Mercury” to “crazy about a Ford truck.”

Not only did Alan Jackson cover this timeless song written by K. C. Douglas and Robert Geddins, but it was sung by many. The Steve Miller Band, David Lindley, and Dwight Yoakam are just a few artists that sand this song. Additionally, the title of the song was “Mercury Boogie,” and it pays homage to the vehicle that ceased to be produced in 2010.