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On This Day: Conway Twitty Records ‘She’s Got A Single Thing In Mind’

(Photo by David Redfern/Redferns)

Thirty-two years ago today, Conway Twitty released his hit single, “She’s Got A Single Thing In Mind.”

Many of us know what it’s like to fall deeply in love with someone. However, what happens when we realize our partners no longer feel the same way about us? Do we walk away? Do we stay and try to rekindle the love? Twitty grapples with the same questions in his heartbreaking love song, “She’s Got A Single Thing In Mind,”

During the song, Twitty sings, “She’s already gone except in body. It’s just a matter of time. Well, I should have seen the storm clouds gathering. But he who won’t look is just as blind. So there’s only me to blame when my woman drops my name.”

The song was one of his singles from his 1989 album, House on Old Lonesome Road. “She’s Got A Single Thing In Mind,” reached number two on the Billboard charts. Additionally, the album reached number 39 on the Billboard Top Country Albums chart.

Conway Twitty’s “She’s Got A Single Thing In Mind”

Conway Twitty Breaks Our Hearts With These Country Love Songs

“She’s Got A Single Thing In Mind,” wasn’t the first or last time Twitty broke our hearts. Certainly, Twitty was well known for his ability to pull heartstrings. Here are a couple more of the country music great’s best (heartbreaking) love songs.

“After The Fire Is Gone”

Twitty teamed up with Country music legend, Loretta Lynn, for this duet. This song was their first number one hit as a duo. However, “After The Fire Is Gone” is not a feel-good love song. In fact, the song is about justifying an affair after the fire the passion distinguishes at home. The two sing, “We know it’s wrong for us to meet. But the fire’s gone out at home. And there’s nothin’ cold as ashes after the fire is gone.”

Loretta Lynn and Conway Twitty sing “After The Fire Is Gone”

“Linda On My Mind”

Undoubtedly, Twitty was known to push boundaries with his lyrics and song themes. Many of his songs received backlash from more conservative listeners. In fact, some radio stations even banned some of his songs. “Linda On My Mind” was right in line with his reputation for controversial songs. The song is about a man thinking about his friend’s wife while lying next to another woman. During the song, Twitty sings, “Now I’m lying here with Linda on my mind. And next to me, my soon to be, the one I left behind. And Lord it’s killing me to see her crying. She knows I’m lying here beside her with Linda on my mind.”

In conclusion, Twitty understands the complexity of love. Instead of wrapping romance up in a pretty bow, Twitty serves us the messy, complicated, and heartbreaking aspects of love.

Conway Twitty’s “Linda On My Mind”