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Tim McGraw and Faith Hill’s Daughter, Gracie, Dazzles in Checkered Romper

(Photo by John Shearer/Getty Images for Big Machine Records)

One of the oldest power couples in country music, Tim McGraw and Faith Hill, now begin stepping aside and letting their three daughters take the spotlight. The three young stars, Gracie, Maggie, and Audrey have begun to distinguish themselves in their own ways. Gracie, for instance, has moved to Los Angeles to pursue a career in style and acting. Oh, and she also shares some of her parents’ vocal talent.

While Tim McGraw shuns social media, for the most part, Gracie has embraced the new way of the world. She particularly uses her Instagram account to share her talents with her 34 thousand followers. Mostly she uses the account to show off her skills in singing and style. Most recently, she graced her fans’ timelines with a few pictures of a dazzling checkered romper from Fashion Brand Company.

“Saturday in Fashion Brand Company,” she said in her Instagram post. “I scooted around the town. Literally.”

Tim McGraw on Social Media and his Children

All three of McGraw and Hill’s children excel in managing and promoting on social media. In the current music industry, it is imperative to have a well-managed and well-promoted social media presence to make any moves. Tim McGraw, however, has not quite given into the new way of musical promotion.

 “Social media I’m not crazy about but that’s part of what you have to do,” McGraw admits. “And it’s been learning art for me, and sometimes I enjoy it and sometimes I don’t. I think really, the through-line for me, through all of the madness and the changes and all those things, is knowing yourself as an artist. Knowing who you are as an artist and knowing what you do well, and even more importantly, knowing what you don’t do well, that’s the consistency that you have. All the other stuff’s gonna ebb and flow.”

With that said, Tim McGraw still has a pretty strong social media presence himself. While he may not be the one behind the accounts, they have certainly helped keep his fans informed, even if it’s just on grandma’s recipes. The country music superstar will have to follow his daughters’ lead on this one and get used to the changing time.