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Travis Tritt Remains Silent About Election Results, Shares Excitement for Georgia-Florida Game

David A. Smith/Getty Images

Country musician and actor Travis Tritt has not been shy about voicing his political opinions. But he appears to be turning his focus to football now with a tweet cheering on Georgia.

“Almost @GeorgiaFootball game time!” Tritt tweeted Saturday. “#GoDawgs #BeatFlorida.”

Tritt Pivots From Political Tweets

That follows several tweets in which Tritt called out Biden supporters for divisiveness and hypocrisy, and criticized Fox News for what some argue were biased election result calls.

Some of Tritt’s fans jumped right into the change of subject.

“This is going to be a great game to watch!!!” replied Twitter user Stephanie. “Can’t wait! Go Dawgs!”

Not all of Tritt’s fans were cheering his team, though.  

“I love ya Travis, but go gators!!” Twitter user Robert Michael tweeted. “It should be interesting. Can your great def stop FL great offense. And can our crap def stop your crap offense.”

Other tweeps did not pick up on the new topic. Two Biden trolls replied to say the vote-counting is over and to declare their candidate the winner.

Tritt’s Side of the Political Divide

Tritt was crystal clear about his voting choices in this election.

On Nov. 3, he tweeted, “Today, the choices for Americans are quite clear. You can choose radical left wing socialism which will strip you of your individual freedoms or Constitutional conservatism, which will defend and preserve your freedoms. I’m voting red all the way down the ticket.”

The Associated Press, which is usually considered the media standard-bearer for election calls, has declared Joe Biden the winner of the election.

The Trump campaign insists that multiple lawsuits over vote-counting remain outstanding. Those lawsuits have to make their way through the courts. And the Electoral College has not cast electoral ballots yet.  

The final popular vote has yet to come in, but the votes already counted have shattered records. Trump won nearly 7 million more votes in 2020 than he did in 2016. But he lost the popular vote to Biden.

Still, with a divided country and a close election, Tritt spoke for millions of his fellow Americans.