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Travis Tritt Sends Special Birthday Message to Youngest Son: ‘Fine Young Man’

(Photo by David A. Smith/Getty Images)

Country music legend Travis Tritt took to his Instagram account on Saturday (November 20th) to share a special message to his youngest son, Tarian, on his 18th birthday.

Wishing my youngest son, Tarian a very Happy 18th Birthday today!” Travis Tritt declared in the social media post. He also stated he is so proud of the “fine young man” that Tarian has become. “Love him so much!”

Travis Tritt’s fans also took to the post to wish Tarian a happy birthday. “Happy Birthday Tarian! Many blessings on your special day!” one fan declared. Another fan added, “Handsome young man! Happy birthday Tarian!”

The birthday wishes come less than 24 hours after Travis Tritt posted some snapshots of him spending time with both of his sons Tristan and Tarian. He wrote, “Had a wonderful quail hunting trip with my sons this week.”

Along with Tarian and Tristan, Tritt shares one daughter with his wife, Theresa Nelson. 

Travis Tritt Shares His Ultimate Advice to His Children Looking to Have Music Careers of Their Own 

During a May 2021 interview with People, Travis Tritt revealed the advice he gave his own children about going into the music industry. “I basically tell all my kids not to pay any attention to[the social media scrutiny],” Tritt declared during the interview. “I tell them to ‘live your life’ and ‘do what makes you happy.’”

The long-time country singer also encourages his children to be good people and do things they know are right. “And yes, I tell them to ‘try to avoid the things you know are wrong.’ Everyone is going to have opinions and that’s fine. But you don’t have to subscribe to their opinions. Live your own life.”

Tritt then stated that nothing has made him prouder than not only watching his children grow up but knowing they want to be part of the family business. “Tyler is a tremendously gifted singer and Tristan is coming into his own too. I’m amazed by his talent and his tremendous amount of drive and motivation.”

Tritt further revealed when he’s not writing, Tristian is rehearsing, producing, or handling his own bookings. “It’s just great to watch and see this stuff happening for both of them.” 

Despite the global health crisis, Tritt stated that he was able to watch each of his children’s accomplishments thanks to being off tour for the first time in a long time.

“Being able to constantly be around each other and experience life together at the same time and in the same place was a silver lining of the cloud of last year.”

In regards to his own music career, Tritt went on to add, “I’m in a really good place right now, and it’s a great place to be.”