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Trisha Yearwood Reveals First Recipe She Ever Cooked for Husband Garth Brooks

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Trisha Yearwood and Garth Brooks are celebrating their 15th wedding anniversary today (Dec. 10.) But, just before 2005, early in their relationship, Yearwood wanted to impress her then-boyfriend with her cooking skills.

People all over the world were forced to flex cooking muscles they didn’t know they had in this pandemic. However, not always were these cooking skills excellent. But, most likely, everyone gave it their best effort. So, people can certainly relate to cooking for someone for the first time.

Anyways, Yearwood needed the perfect recipe to impress her soon-to-be husband. So, using her unique cooking abilities, she decided on a pasta dish. In particular, Yearwood thought that an Alfredo dish would be the perfect dinner for them to eat together.

Trisha Yearwood Cooking for Garth Brooks

In 2008, Yearwood released a cookbook. The book is “Georgia Cooking in an Oklahoma Kitchen,” and in it, she writes about cooking for Brooks for the first time.

“It was early on in our relationship, and I wanted to impress him with my cooking skills, so I thought this recipe would be perfect. It is so rich it makes you full fast. That particular night, however, my Alfredo sauce came out so thick it was almost impossible to serve it from the pan.”

However, as most people know, Brooks is a gentleman and rarely ever one to be rude to someone else. So, despite the dish not looking perfect, he took a big serving and went from there.

“Garth, being the gentleman he is, took a big serving, and attempted to eat it. I don’t know if he finished it all, but it was so rich and filling he almost fell asleep on his plate! He says he has no memory at all from about halfway through the meal until he woke up hours later on the couch.”

This story is absolutely incredible. Certainly, anyone lucky enough to have a meal that puts you to sleep immediately can appreciate how funny this story is.

A Brief History of Their Relationship

The two country stars got married in a small wedding at their home in Oklahoma. Not only does the couple have an amazing relationship, but the two have also produced some amazing songs.

Yearwood and Brooks attribute the success of their relationship to the strong foundation they built together. Both stars talk publicly about how much fun they have together.

In fact, Brooks, in an interview with “Entertainment Tonight,” talks about their relationship. He shares their secrets to happiness and being able to grow together.

“She is so much fun. You never know what you’re going to get, but you know it’s going to be the best of everything you’ve ever gotten to experience.”

Spontaneity is rumored to be a spark that keeps a marriage alive. But, probably more important to marriage is eating well. Yearwood can certainly cook, and Brooks is thankful for that attribute.

If you are curious about the exact recipe she made for Brooks, go check out her cookbook.