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Video: Justin Moore Crafts ‘Mocktails’ With His 3 Daughters

Photo by Denise Truscello/Getty Images for ACM)

Justin Moore linked up with CMT‘s Youtube channel to make a sparkling vodka lemonade cocktail. But the best part may not be the good-sounding recipe, but the adorable mocktails he makes with his three daughters after.

The video starts off in classic Justin Moore style: simple and to the point.

“Anybody who follows my career knows I love a good drinking song,” Moore said. “And I also know how to make a good drink.”

Moore hops to the recipe next, stressing the all-important component of vodka while being a little generous with his pour.

“First ingredient, most important ingredient: vodka,” Moore starts. “Much as you want, much as you can handle. Vodka. Most important. [Pause] Ice, but then vodka.”

It takes Moore a second to remember how crucial coldness is to a good cocktail, but he gets there.

He then adds strawberry lemonade, but says that any form of lemonade works. Equal parts vodka and lemonade, by the way.

Moore tops it off with the club soda, which he says is just for the “fizz factor.” Count us in on that.

With a squeeze of lime, Moore’s sparking vodka lemonade is complete. Looks pretty tasty to us, and the simple nature of the drink is perfect for classy or casual scenarios.

Moore and His Daughters Craft the Mocktails

Moore’s three daughters, Ella, Klein and Kennedy, join him for the mocktails portion of the video. The group makes some delicious looking sparkling lemonades that are a tamer cousin to Moore’s adult concoction.

It’s certainly hilarious and cute to see Moore’s three daughters jump at the chance to work with their dad on some tasty beverages. Besides the back-and-forth of the girls saying, “I wanna do it,” and reaching for the ingredients, they also have a fun sibling chemistry that any brother or sister can relate to.

We’re also big fans of a moment just past the 3-minute mark of the video in which the camera pans over to Moore. While the girls are struggling with each other to make their mocktails, all their dad can do is shake his head. Relatable, to say the least.