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Vince Gill’s ‘When My Amy Prays’: Story Behind the Vulnerable Love Song

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What inspired country star Vince Gill to write his Grammy-Award-winning song, “When My Amy Prays”?

Country star Vince Gill released “When My Amy Prays” as a track from his 15th studio album Okie. “When My Amy Prays” is an autobiographical song about Gill’s wife, iconic Christian singer Amy Grant. The couple celebrated their 21st wedding anniversary last week. During the song, Gill sings, “All my life I’ve known of Jesus but that connection never came. And when my world was torn to pieces, I still couldn’t call his name. But when my Amy prays, when my Amy prays, that’s when I see his face.”

Vince Gill won his 22nd Grammy Award for the song this year. He received the Best Country Solo Performance award this year for “When My Amy Prays.”

Vince Gill’s “When My Amy Prays”

Do Vince Gill And His Wife Amy Grant Share the Same Views on Faith?

In an interview, Vince Gill once explained how faith plays a role in he and his wife’s lives. He also spoke on how they had drastically different upbringings in terms of attending church.

“Once again, talk about the truth, Amy and I grew up very different. She never missed church and I never went. And just because we got married, I wasn’t compelled to say ‘Hey, I’m going to go to church every weekend.’ So there’s the truth, there’s your honesty in the song,” said Gill. “We all try to change each other sometimes. When we find our paths with someone we want them to be more like I am and you want me to be more like you are. And it’s just not going to happen. The best way to love somebody is at their worst. If you can find a way to love somebody at their worst, you’re going to win.”

Gill shared the he feels that the beauty of the song comes from the vulnerability that he allows himself to express.

“To me, the real beauty of that song is the light I paint her in. Maybe emotion comes from the vulnerability that I give myself,” he said.

Vince Gill also offered some wise advice about love that he received from his wife.

“Life is easy when it’s easy. When it’s all going good and you’re knocking it out of the park. Anyone can react to that. When you start to struggle a little bit and ruffle feathers, that’s when it’s hard,” said Gill. “Amy always says things that I just adore and one of those is, ‘Blessed people bless people and hurt people hurt people.'”

Vince Gill talks about the inspiration behind his song “When My Amy Prays.”