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Watch: Barista Makes Insanely Impressive Eric Church Art Using Coffee Cream

(Photo by John Shearer/Getty Images for CMA)

Baristas often are the best artists. They create works of incredible works of skill in a tiny latte mug. This barista is no exception to that with his talented portrait of Eric Church in latte foam.

Country Music Television posted the video of the barista creating the latte art to their Twitter.

“All you got to do is put [this @ericchurch latte] in my hand.”

Appropriately captioned for the latte art, CMT used a rendition of Church’s song “All You Gotta Do Is Put A Drink In My Hand.”

He has a relatively new single out called “Hell Of A View,” which came out October 1 of this year. The song is a cheery, upbeat song about living life to the fullest with no regrets.

“This ain’t for everybody / Toes hanging off the ledge / Like we got nothin’ to lose / Ain’t always heaven, baby / This livin’ on the edge / You holdin’ me holdin’ you / It’s a hell of a view (ooh, whao ooh) / Hell of a view (ooh).”

Eric Church Is More Than a Latte

Church seemingly never takes a break from producing new music. He is hopeful that he can get back out on tour soon and perform for his fans. While he doesn’t know when that will be exactly, he is optimistic.

In addition to his new song, Church won CMA’s Entertainer of the Year award on November 12. This prestigious award caps an impressive year for the country music star.

In an interview that he posted to his website, he talks about what the award means to him this year.

“This year, at least for me, has been about loss – loss of life, loss of playing shows, loss of freedom, loss of kids being in school… And you know what the win is? The win is we all were here tonight, together as Country music – in person, live and I believe this, I really believe this: It’s gonna be music that brings us out of this. That is the one thing that’s gonna save the world. Politicians are about division; music is about unity.”

Although he didn’t think he would win the award this year, he was certainly pleased about winning.

Church even has a radio show called “Outsiders Radio” where he talks to artists about their work and news in general. It’s certainly worth a listen.

Also, this Barista is an incredible artist and has done a series of impressive lattes, which he’s posted to his Twitter account. Undoubtedly a talented artist regardless of the medium.