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WATCH: Randy Travis Is Back Singing Again in New TikTok Duets

(Photo by Mark Junge/Getty Images)

Randy Travis suffered a stroke that all but ended his career in 2013. That left a void in the country music world that was deeper than any holler. Luckily, Travis left behind a vast discography. So, if you’re ever in need of some silky smooth baritone singing, his voice is the twist of a knob away. However, the lack of new music from the “Diggin’ Up Bones,” crooner was a loss that most country fans felt.

Over the years, Randy Travis has popped up a few times. However, he has never been too public about his appearances. It seemed that he just showed up partially because he misses performing and partially because he wanted to prove that he still had it in him. Lately, Travis is proving something else to millions of people all around the globe. He showed us that TikTok isn’t all bad.

Many people avoid the social media platform for a myriad of reasons. Chief among those is that the content just isn’t relatable. However, Randy Travis is changing that with his latest duets. The country music icon hasn’t done many of them. But, the ones he did are great. On top of that, they’re getting big reactions from fans of all ages.

Randy Travis Transcends Generational Boundaries

Country greats break generational boundaries. Think about big names like Hank Williams or Bob Wills. They both passed away decades ago. However, people are still discovering and loving their music today. People can find just as much meaning and enjoyment in songs like “I Saw the Light,” and “New San Antonio Rose,” as they did all those years ago. The same goes for the music of Randy Travis.

If you need any proof of that, just check out this video. A young lady named Alexandra Kay nails a vocal cover of “Deeper than the Holler,” while making herself a drink. On the other side of the screen, you can see how happy Randy Travis is with her performance. The legend is all smiles watching a new generation enjoy his hit song.


#duet with @alexandrakaymusic that looks like a tasty drink! Thanks for singin’ along! #deeperthantheholler #randytravis #countrymusic

♬ original sound – Alexandra Kay

Her reaction to the duet is even better. In that post, she says how much of an inspiration Randy Travis has been to her and how much it meant that he dueted her video.

Randy Travis also did a duet with popular TikTok account GBandMe. In the video GB is singing “Hey Good Lookin'” by Hank Sr. and Travis had to jump in there and give her a hand. Check out the sweet video below.


#duet with @gbandme isn’t she the sweetest?! One of my favorite songs & I love country music fans!! #countrymusic #randytravis #hankwilliams

♬ Hey, Good Lookin’ – Hank Williams

The moral of the story here is that Randy Travis makes everything better.