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WATCH: Tim McGraw Says He and Florida Georgia Line Need to Make ‘Sequel’ to ‘May We All’

Photo credit: Dimitrios Kambouris/Getty Images

Tim McGraw really wants to work with Florida-Georgia Line again. He suggested they make a “sequel” or even a series of songs to their 2016 collaboration “May We All.”

Both McGraw and Florida Georgia Line discussed how the collaboration came about. The song featured on Florida Georgia Line’s third album “Dig Your Roots.” It also proved popular on the charts and radio stations. McGraw liked the song so much he dusted it off for his compilation album “McGraw Machine Hits: 2013-2019.”

“I think down the road we should do another song and do a sequel to that one,” McGraw said. “I think we left that whole video set up to be a series.”

He said Florida Georgia Line approached him about the song. At the time, McGraw didn’t realize the song was going to be a single or as popular as it ended up being.

“They asked if I would sing on the song. They sent it over to me,” McGraw said. “I said, ‘Sure I’ll sing on the song.’ I didn’t ever think of it being a single or anything, I just thought sure I’ll sing on the song.”

They also worked on the music video for the song together, which McGraw greatly enjoyed.

“Then the next thing I knew they were making a video for it,” McGraw said. “I saw the treatment for the video and I got to show up and do that. We had a lot of fun shooting the video because we had a lot of time to really work together and develop the story. It turned into much like a mini-movie.”

Tim McGraw Relives His Greatest Hits

McGraw recently released “McGraw Machine Hits: 2013-2019” on Nov. 20. The album features songs just from the past seven years. There are 14 tracks on the album, including “May We All.” Additionally, the album also features a duet between McGraw and Midland called “Redneck Girl.”

“Every now and then you want to go back and hear a collection of songs exactly like you remember them,” McGraw said in a press release. “Even to go re-record doesn’t feel right because there’s something magical about what happened there when it happened.”