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‘Yellowstone’ Star Kevin Costner and His Band Modern West Wows Fans at Outlaws & Legends Festival

Scott Legato, Getty Images

Yellowstone‘s very own Kevin Costner performed at Outlaws & Legends Festival with his band Modern West. The group impressed fans, relive their performance.

Kevin Costner and Modern West’s Performance

Modern west headlined Friday of the two-day festival in Abilene, Texas. This year, Outlaws & Legends Festival celebrated its tenth anniversary and made it an event to remember.

According to Abilene News, Kevin Costner spoke to the crowd in between songs. He shared that his father didn’t want him to become an actor so he put music on the backburner. “When you want to do something, just do it,” he advised fans.

This marks one of the first United States music festivals to return after the COVID-19 pandemic began last year. Prior to the fest’s kick-off, Costner and his band reminded fans that there would be social distancing and face masks available.

All About Modern West

Modern West was founded by Costner in October 2007. The band released its debut record in 2008 with Untold Truths. When Costner isn’t acting on Yellowstone or with his family, you can most likely find him working on music.

Kevin Costner re-released the band’s song, “The Sun Will Rise Again,” last year during the early months of the pandemic. He spoke about how much life had changed and how isolated everyone had become. “I started thinking of a song Modern West did a while back called ‘The Sun Will Rise Again,'” he said in the video.

“And, right now, things are broken,” he added. “It’s confusing and there’s a lot of noise out there. The only thing I could hope is that maybe this song maybe mirrors how you’re feeling, but the idea of how it ends, that the sun is going to rise again — that’s going to happen for all of us.”

The ‘Yellowstone’ Record

In June, the band released their album, Tales From Yellowstone, based on Kevin Costner’s hit drama. The songs on the record are based on the stories of the characters.

Costner shared in an interview that the song “Won’t Stop Loving You” was inspired by his character’s situation and his real-life wife.

“It’s a song that really ties into the character John Dutton and the loss of his wife. And it really begins to sum up how he really feels,” he explained. “He’s a man going forward. But you never forget that love is immovable, it’s not going anywhere. And ‘Won’t Stop Loving You’ deals with that.”

After he got stuck writing the song, his wife pulled him out of it and inspired him once again. “I didn’t have to look any further than my own wife to kind of find what was the strength of it for me,” said Costner. “So, we live in a time right now where people are losing people, and while the song deals with what Yellowstone is about, it might speak to you out loud about somebody you’ll never forget.”