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‘Naked Gun’ Creator Developing Detective Noir Spoof

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They’re behind some of the most iconic comedy films. Films such as The Naked Gun film series, Airplane!, and the short-lived but widely acclaimed series Police Squad.

Now, film producer David Zucker and his brother, fellow producer Jerry Zucker, are developing a brand new comedy spoof, titled Star of Malta.

David and Jerry Zuker have made a career out of creating some of our favorite “spoof” films. The films have since made their mark on Hollywood and making film history. Full of hilarious slapstick Hollywood moments; memorable one-liners; and some of our favorite comedic moments the films have become some of our all-time favorites.

‘Naked Gun’ Creator Brings Us a Brand-New Film

Now, David Zucker is returning to his “spoof” film roots with the classic film noir satire Star of Malta. The story revolves around a stolen gemstone that is very valuable. The story is extra complicated as it is believed the missing gemstone is also incredibly cursed.

David Zucker is set to write the sure-to-be-hilarious script with Police Academy veteran Pat Proft. Michael McManus from Rainmaker Films will produce the upcoming film noir “spoof.” McManus is behind popular films such as the Matthew McConaughey biopic, Dallas Buyers Club.

According to early information on this upcoming, David Zucker film, The Star of Malta is set in the late 1940s. The film features Joe Medina, a former prizefighter who is newly released from prison after he’s sentenced for killing an opponent during a fight. Once released from prison, Medina follows his love, Harriet Evans to Hollywood by hitchhiking across the country.

During his trip to find his lost love, Joe Medina finds he has gained possession of the extremely valuable – and cursed – gemstone known as The Star of Malta.

This discovery leads the former prizefighter into a truly accidental murder spree. Leaving a trail of bodies as he accidentally kills people during his travels to Hollywood.

Returning To A Successful Genre

David Zucker and Pat Proft worked together previously in the wildly hit Naked Gun films. The duo also worked on a few of the films in the popular Scary Movie franchise.

David Zucker, and his brother, fellow filmmaker Jerry Zucker, rose to fame collaborating with Jim Abrams in 1977. The trio found fame with their release of the independently produced classic film Kentucky Fried Movie.

Later, the successful filmmakers found another success with the release of the smash-hit comedy film Airplane!.

The success of this wildly popular comedy film then led to the release of the 1980 series Police Squad starring Leslie Nielsen. This series was later recreated into the wildly hit Naked Gun films, also starring Nielsen. The team continued to find massive success throughout the 1980s into the 1990s.