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‘National Parks’ TV Show: All the Actors Cast in the Upcoming Kevin Costner Series So Far

(Photo by Samuel de Roman/Getty Images for Netflix)

Kevin Costner’s Yellowstone was a hit, but he’s not stopping there. Costner’s newest series, National Parks, has received a pilot order from ABC. This time, Costner is working in partnership with A+E studios to bring a new drama about an elite team of National Parks Service agents as they solve crimes and protect public lands. Costner is co-writing and executive producing.

Here’s whose been cast so far:

Billy Campbell to Star in ‘National Parks’ TV Show

Billy Campbell, known for his roles in shows like Cardinal and The Killing, is slated to play the main character, Cal Foster. Foster is an ISB agent with years of experience under his belt. He starts the series by stepping into a new leadership role.

Tiffany Dupont as The Wildlife Expert

Tiffany Dupont is slated to play a wildlife expert and agent, Talia. According to the character description, Talia’s quick wit and attention to detail make her an essential part of the team. Dupont has acted in shows such as Good Trouble, Proven Innocent, and Star.

Geraldo Celasco as the Agent

Geraldo Celasco‘s new role on National Parks is Lincoln Cane, an ISB special agent haunted by his past. Though haunted, Lincoln’s commitment to his job is unquestionable, and he always goes above to get the job done. Celasco had a recurring role in How to Get Away With Murder and co-starred in Fox’s Next.

Guillermo Diaz as the National Park Pilot

Scandal alum Guillermo Diaz is slated to play Vic, the National Parks team’s helicopter pilot, and botanist. If you’ve seen scandal, you’ll know Diaz as Huck. He played that role for 7 seasons. He’s also been in United We Fall, I Know This Much is True, Broad City, and many other shows.

Angel parker as the Intelligence Analyst

Angel Parker of Marvel’s Runaways will play the team’s intelligence analyst, Ava Longridge. She also played a role in FX’s Emmy award-winning. The People V. OJ Simpson: American Crime Story.

Ashlei Sharpe Chesnut as the Rookie

Ashlei Sharpe Chestnut, known for Homeland, Prodigal Son, and The Good Fight, will play Penny Stanton, a rookie agent ready to “take on any challenge.”

Blu Hunt as the Young National Park Ranger

Last but definitely not least, Blu Hunt will play Nore Yazzie. 25-year-old Hunt has starred in the CW’s The Originals. She’s also played key characters in The New Mutants and Another Life. Yazzie isn’t an agent. Instead, she’s the “fun-loving” park ranger who assists the team in solving crimes.

The current cast, and their subsequent roles, make ‘National Parks‘ even more exciting. The show, written by Kevin Costner, Aaron Helbing, and Jon Baird, will hopefully enter into production soon. While many shows struggle to stand out in the crowd in a sea of investigative dramas, National Parks already sets itself apart with its unique cast and premise.

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