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‘NCIS’ Alum Pauley Perrette Shares Adorable Update of ‘Rosie the Rescue Dog’

(Photo by Frederick M. Brown/Getty Images)

“NCIS” actress Pauley Perrette has made no secret that she loves animals, especially ones that she can help out. In addition to volunteering at the American Humane Hero Dog Awards, she’s also rescued three pups from an animal shelter.

Bug and Grace are twin puppies who Perrette rescued right after they were born. Rosie, who was four months old and only 1.7 pounds when the “NCIS” alum rescued her, is Perrette’s other fur baby.

Today, the proud pet mama posted an adorable one-minute video of “Rosie the Rescue Dog.” Perrette cuddled with Rosie on the couch while the other two dogs slept in the background. Rosie, looking expectantly at Perrette, lifted her paw above her head until the “NCIS” star scratched the pup’s belly. The tiny dog then rested her little paw on Perrette’s hand until the actress took it away. Each time she stopped scratching, Rosie the Rescue Dog lifted her paw until the petting resumed.

Perrette posted the adorable video on Twitter, captioning it, “It never ends with Rosie the #RescueDog all day everyday!!! ME ME ME MOMMY!”

Rosie the Rescue Dog seems to be the one who the “NCIS” star posts about the most. Back on National Rescue Dog Day, Perrette posted a video of “the twins” Grace and Bug relaxing while Rosie gnawed on a toy ball and tossed her head around.

“I KNOW! I’m late, but still YAAAY for #NationalRescueDogDay My Angels… and Rosie!!! 🙂 #AdoptDontShop #RescueDogDay #RescuedIsMyFavoriteBreed #RESCUE,” Perrette tweeted.

Before that, on April 22, the “NCIS” alum shared a heartwarming video of Rosie lounging in Perrette’s lap. The cute dog looked up at the camera with sleepy eyes before turning over to go back to sleep.

“When I woke up #RescueDog #Rosie on my lap. SO CUTE! You’re welcome 🙂 🙂 :),” Perrette wrote.

Fellow Dog Lovers Adore ‘NCIS’ Actresses’ Rescue Dog, Rosie

When Perrette posted the video, replies poured in featuring other adorable pets. One user posted a sweet picture of their puppy and said, “You’re Pawsome Rosie, love Baby Frank xx.”

Another user said, “Pixie loves her all day belly rubs too.”

Most Twitter fans related to Perrette’s post, telling their own adorable stories about their cute pets.

“Same with my pit, she’ll hop up on the couch with me then lay on her back so I can rub her tummy. If I stop she nudges my hand as to say don’t stop now,” said another user.

“Our chocolate chihuahua is the exact same way. Once ya start you had better not quit,” said one user.

Even animal rights organization PETA jumped on the Rosie the Rescue Dog love train. They replied to the “NCIS” star’s post, “How could you not love on this sweetie all day long?! So cute!”