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‘NCIS’: Did This Season 18 Moment Stain Gibbs’ Legacy?

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The NCIS team has faced some intense investigations over the years. However, there is one particular case from season 18 that pushed Mark Harmon’s Leroy Jethro Gibbs to a breaking point. Possibly changing the character’s legacy going forward.

The eighteenth season of NCIS is certainly one that stands out for many fans of the long-running CBS procedural drama series. NCIS showrunners announced early at the start of this season that the show would feature a lower episode count compared to other seasons. NCIS fans were also shocked to learn that this would be the final season that Harmon’s Leroy Jethro Gibbs would appear as a main character in the series.

However, one comforting fact to go along with these changes is that the NCIS showrunners focused on giving Gibbs some memorable moments throughout his final season. However, one of these memorable moments shows Gibbs at a low point in his career.

Gibbs Loses His Cool Tracking Down A Violent Criminal

In the tenth episode of NCIS’s eighteenth season, the NCIS team is hunting a serial animal abuser. When the team pulls in a primary subject for interviewing, Gibbs loses complete control. In a shocking development, Gibbs assaults the suspect. Even before the NCIS team members can definitively link the man to the horrific crimes.

Initially, the longtime naval officer faces no repercussions for his violent actions. However, Gibbs later faces a suspension from the NCIS when he shows a concerning lack of remorse for his actions.

‘NCIS’ Guest-Star Makes A Hilarious Gibbs Joke In Recent Installment

NCIS fans know that Gibbs made his final exit from the series in the early episodes of season nineteen. The naval officer left the team when he decided to remain in Alaska after solving a big case. Replacing Gibbs in the series is Gary Cole’s Alden Parker. But, one character who appears in this week’s episode teased Parker by making a hilarious reference to Harmon’s Gibbs character.

This week’s episode, The Helpers, sees Jimmy Palmer’s daughter, Victoria visit the NCIS offices. Victoria is spending the day there after she gets suspended from school for fighting. When she arrives at the NCIS, Victoria takes one look at Cole’s Parker and asks “when did Gibbs grow a beard?” The young girl then flashes a knowing smile to let everyone know that she is just joking.

It was a light-hearted moment that fans appreciated seeing in an otherwise tense episode. In The Helpers Victoria’s father, Brian Dietzen’s Jimmy Palmer, and Diona Reasonover’s Kasie Hines fight for their lives after they are exposed to deadly toxins.