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‘NCIS’ Fans Debate on What Would Make the ‘Perfect Ending’ for the Series

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“NCIS” predates the existence of iPhones. With 18 seasons under its belt, it’s lasted longer than the entire lifespan of some shows. But that hasn’t stopped fans from discussing the eventual end to the series.

After all, a story is only as good as its ending. Some stories go down in history as the greatest ever for pulling off a masterclass ending. And some fumble just before the end, ruining the magic of the previous seasons. It would be a shame for a long-running show like “NCIS” to end on a sour note.

But some fans believe that the end is nigh. With rumors Mark Harmon is taking a limited role in Season 19, some feel the writing is on the wall for the series. After all, Harmon has been on the show since the very beginning and weathered a number of casting shakeups. He’s one of the last of the old guard, and when he leaves, the show will be different in all but name.

On Reddit, some users posted their theories on the eventual end. One user would like the series to last at least two more seasons before going off into the TV graveyard. They wrote: “In my perfect world, I would want NCIS to go through a full 21 seasons. This would leave a nice 22nd season with 14 episodes in order to wrap up loose ends, have one last big storyline, and get to the big 500th episode as the series finale. This would be a great way to go out in my opinion.”

Theories on ‘NCIS’ Ending

Meanwhile, some users believed the show already missed its “perfect” ending. One user was more invested in Michael Weatherly’s Tony DiNozzo than Mark Harmon’s Leroy Gibbs. They believed the show should have ended when DiNozzo left.

They wrote: “The perfect ending was when Tony left but since there (sic) milking the series out I think S19 should be the last.”

Another fan wants to see a repeat of the Season 18 finale without the dramatic explosion. This time Harmon’s character will just sail away from the series and off into retirement. The series would end on a peaceful note of the NCIS commander finding happiness.

They wrote: “Perfect ending to ‘NCIS’ would be Gibbs starting a new boat and we see it come out of the basement and him sail off on it.”

But some users believe that the series shouldn’t end at all. They envision the show continuing indefinitely and switching out cast members.

They wrote, “Personally I don’t think the show has been as bad as people think. I’d like to think NCIS could continue with any new actors and actresses as long as they were decent and the writing was decent. It’s a show that can continue indefinitely if they do it right.”