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‘NCIS’ Fans Note a Lack of Tension in Recent Seasons

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People who have watched NCIS for a long time are used to seeing storylines that have tension in them. Lately, though, that’s been missing.

Are the fans happy that the energy is a bit less? No, they are not and some have gathered to chat about it. A thread on Reddit gives us some comments about this upsetting trend.

This Redditor shares their thoughts about this regarding NCIS: “I’m rewatching the show and just finished season 6. I guess I forgot how tense this show was. Everything building up to the finale feels like you’re winding a jack-in-the-box, waiting for it to spring.

“I just don’t get that with the more recent seasons,” this fan writes. “The Season 18 finale should have been good. Gibbs was being chased by a serial killer. Ellie was training for some undercover burn-all-bridges mission. Yet every episode it just felt like some normal thing. I didn’t finish the penultimate episode and really want to watch the finale to see what happened.”

‘NCIS’ Fan Points Out That Less-Tension Moments Might Be From Acting

The NCIS fan also says that maybe the less-tension moments are because of the acting. This Redditor also notes that it might be no plotline for Ellie. Maybe it’s just the acting, maybe it’s that there was no plot for Ellie. Well, past “she’s been acting different lately”.

“The season 6 finale really felt like the end to an overarching plotline,” this fan writes. “It started, for me, with Vance and Eli’s first phone conversation at the beginning of the season. There was nothing like that during season 18.

“I guess I’m just wondering where all the excitement and tension went,” the Redditor wants to know. “We are halfway (ish) through season 19 and I feel like nothing is going to happen. I don’t know.”

This Fan Cites Gibbs Plotline As ‘Good’ While Bishop Plot ‘Came Out of Nowhere’

Another NCIS fan chimes in here: “I thought the Gibbs plot line was good. The bishop plotline came out of nowhere but I also think Bishop leaving came out of nowhere to the writers as I’m pretty sure Emily Wickersham only decided to leave once she found out she was pregnant.”

This lack of tension also is noticeable for other NCIS fans. Like this one: “You are right…usually this deep into the season, there would have been a developing story, like Ari …or La Grenouille…or harper dearing….this season has lacked that (although I have still enjoyed the season).”

So, this fan also notes that characters have been playing it safe with “no internal battles, except for the Torres angst last episode.” And there has not been a lot shared about Alden Parker, who took over the lead after Gibbs left.