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‘NCIS’ Fans Ticked After Highly-Anticipated Moment Cut Short

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“NCIS” left fans guessing and on the edge of their seats. But not in a good way. Viewers felt frustrated by the most recent episode of the series.

Many felt one of the show’s most anticipated moments ended up on the cutting room floor. Or at least, “NCIS” is teasing things out for another week. It all comes down to the will-they-or-won’t-they relationship currently at the center of the show.

For four seasons, fans have been rooting for Ellie Bishop and Nick Torres to finally get together as a couple. Played by Emily Wickersham and Wilmer Valderrama, there’s an undeniable chemistry between the two leads. And the show has got much mileage in stringing fans along for the ride. But perhaps, “NCIS” went one step too far with its latest episode.

During Tuesday night’s show (May 11), Ellie Bishop and Nick Torres finally addressed the elephant in the room that is their potential relationship. Colleague Dr. Jimmy Palmer encouraged the two to finally unload their feelings for one another.

Like a romantic comedy instead of a police procedural, the two stood a little awkwardly in the elevator. “So, ladies first,” Nick says to Ellie to kick things off. And Ellie finally starts to describe her attraction for Nick, saying, “Sure. Okay, Nick, so ever since we were in that jail cell together….”

As fans waited to find out what happened next, the elevator closed on the two. The episode ended without viewers learning what was said and if the ” NCIS” couple ends up together.

‘NCIS’ Viewers Felt Robbed

They say hell has no fury like a woman scorned. But maybe that’s true of “NCIS” viewers as well. Many took to social media to voice their frustration. They felt robbed of a powerful moment between the couple. And they wanted producers of the show to know.

“So they’re going to cut away from Bishop and Torres like that? If that elevator could talk,” one person tweeted.

Another commented, “Stop teasing us! We need definitive proof in the next episode that #Ellick is on.”

Fans will have to wait another week to see if the couple finally ends up together. But actor Wilmer Valderrama teased big things for the two on “NCIS.”

“We’re coming to a crossroads for these two characters where they have to really be honest about who they are to each other and who they are to themselves […] The question of what they are outside of the badge is something that will be addressed this season,” he said. “There is a big moment they are going to experience. And who knows, is it the moment they wanted, or a moment they didn’t want?”