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‘NCIS’: Gibbs Would Have Never Approved of Technology Used in Recent Case

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NCIS will be premiering a brand-new episode Monday, December 6. And this brand new episode will be bringing fans a pretty cutting-edge mystery.

While trying to solve a murder, the team is able to interview the victim. That’s right. The NCIS detectives try to get to the bottom of a woman’s murder by talking to a hologram that was created before her death.

Sure, the popular CBS investigative series has long depended on some pretty awesome technology to solve their cases over the years.

But, this hologram technology is far beyond anything the NCIS team members have experienced before. So, why is the team using such a cutting-edge technique now, after all of these seasons? One guess? Because Mark Harmon’s Leroy Jethro Gibbs has left the team.

Fans of the series know that Gibbs was never a big fan of even the most basic technology. The thought of the NCIS officer discussing a case with a murder victim’s hologram is so outside of anything that would have likely happened.

But the man who replaced Gibbs on the team seems to be a little more willing to try out this new technology the team is trying out in Monday’s Collective Memory episode.

Gary Cole’s character, Alden Parker would likely be one that would speak to a hologram if it means it could help him solve the case.

‘NCIS’ Fans Are Prepared For Gibbs To Return

While Mark Harmon left NCIS at the beginning of the series’s nineteenth season, some longtime fans of the popular series believe they have uncovered a clue suggesting Harmon will be returning to the show.

Where did these eagle-eyed fans find this clue? Within the NCIS opening credits, of course!

Fans have been noticing that Mark Harmon’s Gibbs is still featured in the NCIS intro sequence.

Wouldn’t this suggest that NCIS showrunners are expecting the former officer to return to his team? It’s not unusual for shows to remove an exiting officer from the opening credits. The fact Gibbs remains in these gives a few fans a bit of a pause.

It all comes down to the intro sequence. In it, Gibbs is still featured. He hasn’t been taken out of that opening scene so why would he not come back?

“Gibbs is still in the opening credits,” one viewer points out about this development.

“Which means I don’t believe he has left the series completely,” the NCIS fan continues. “He’ll come back at some point.”