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‘NCIS’: Here’s Which Character Deserves to be Spotlighted

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NCIS has had a ton of different fascinating characters come and go over the years. Here’s one character on the show right now who really deserves more of a spotlight.

A lot of episodes will shine a light on a certain character. For instance, the most recent episode before going on hiatus was a very Nick Torres-centered episode. It saw Agent Torres go undercover in an underground cage fighting ring and lose control of his emotions.

Overall, it seems strange that we haven’t gotten much on Vance. He’s been a crucial part of NCIS for years, but he hasn’t really had an acting spotlight as of late. Vance has often played the “bad guy,” and has to be the one to tell Gibbs no a lot. But often, Vance is just trying to do his job.

Seeing a more Vance-centered outlook could give fans, many of which still don’t like him, some insight on his perspective.

We also just need more episodes in general about the new characters, so we can get to know them more. One recent episode, All Hands did so a little bit with the new Special Agent in Charge Alden Parker, but one new character is still a bit of a mystery to fans.

Jessica Knight just joined the team this year, so people really want to get more backstory on her. Played by Katrina Law, Jessica Knight has proven herself to be a unique, fiery, and capable agent. But there’s obviously more to her than what meets the eye. And it would be great to get some more Knight-focused episodes.

Katrina Law will Be a Part of an Upcoming ‘NCIS’ Crossover Event

Fans of both NCIS and NCIS: Hawai’i can get excited because the two shows are about to have a small crossover event. Katrina Law, who plays Knight, as well as Wilmer Valderrama, who plays Torress, headed over to the Aloha state to film an upcoming episode earlier this month.

While it’s hard to believe this crossover event will be Jessica Knight focused, there’s still ample opportunity to learn more about her character. We’ll see her plopped in a new setting with characters she doesn’t really know. We still don’t know why the NCIS: Hawai’i team will need Agent Torres and Agent Knight, but it should be exciting nonetheless.

NCIS: Hawai’i is the newest show in the NCIS franchise. It’s only on its first season, premiering last September. NCIS: Los Angeles is also still on air, making three separate shows airing in the NCIS franchise right now. NCIS: New Orleans, meanwhile, was canceled last year.

If you want to watch any of the shows in the franchise, you can stream them on Paramount + while waiting for their return later this month.