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‘NCIS’: How Many Episodes Has Rocky Carroll Directed?

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Rocky Carroll is not only great as Director Vance on “NCIS” he also takes on the role of a different kind of director on the show. Carroll frequently gets behind the camera and directs “NCIS” episodes. But how many has he directed over the many years he’s been on the show?

Carroll has directed a total of 18 episodes for “NCIS,” starting in 2015 with “We Build, We Fight.” His most recent was the season 19 episode “Pledge of Allegiance.” The content varies for his other episodes, so there doesn’t seem to be one type of story in particular that Carroll likes to direct.

2015’s “We Build, We Fight” focused on the murder of the first openly gay service member to receive the Medal of Honor. This episode brought back Hollis Mann, who now works for the Department of Defense. Additionally in this episode, Jimmy’s wife gives birth to their daughter, Victoria.

Another episode, “Skeleton Crew,” introduced Jack Sloane to the team. The episode focused on a kidnapped sailor, and Bishop and Torres are sent out to sea. While there, Bishop runs into someone from high school.

Some of the episodes include memorable moments, like Palmer’s wife giving birth or Jack Sloane’s first appearance. Or in “Peacekeeper,” where Kasie debates buying a gun and deals with both her trauma and Gibbs’ absence. So, Carroll does have a bit of a pattern; he seems to like directing big-ticket episodes with important main character stories. And who can blame him? Those are the most fun.

‘NCIS’: Next Episode Focuses on Palmer, Kasie, and Torres

In the recent “NCIS” episode “Fight of Flight,” Torres when through the emotional ringer. He pushed his co-workers and friends away throughout the entire episode until he finally broke and talked to Palmer. He shared that he’s been repressing a lot of anger and rage, that he feels unwanted and abandoned.

With him opening up to Palmer like that, this next episode, which features Palmer in a dangerous situation, is going to be big for Torres as well. He probably feels like Palmer is his only friend right now, and if something happens to him, he has no one. Except, in reality, the whole team is his family, but he hasn’t realized that yet.

Brian Dietzen praised Wilmer Valderrama on his performance and spoke to TV Line about the episode. He said this episode will be “a next step in [Torres’] journey.” Of Valderrama, Dietzen said, “Wilmer just kind of knocks it out of the park. There are a couple of moments that definitely got me, you know?”

This episode, titled “The Helpers,” is definitely going to be a big one, and we’re excited to see how it all plays out. “The Helpers” airs on February 28.