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‘NCIS’: Jessica Knight Actor Katrina Law Has a Very Personal Connection with Her ‘Acting Coach’

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NCIS actress Katrina Law has a personal connection with a person she describes as her acting coach. Law plays Jessica Knight on the hit series. She had a huge career success when she joined the show this year. But she’s said she’s always had some amazing people in her corner. This includes her husband, who’s really helped her in her acting career.

According to Law, her husband and her manager have been total cheerleaders for her. With unwavering positivity, she described two people who refused to give up on her and her abilities. She discussed who she felt had the biggest influence on her career in a 2019 interview with Pop Culturalist.

“It’s between my husband, Keith Andreen, and then my manager, Joel Stevens,” she said. Why? Because they had so much faith in her and “their ability to speak to me with the hard truth but yet do it in a kind, loving way that didn’t defeat me or destroy me.”

“My husband has been my acting coach since 2009. 2009 is when I started really booking everything. He’s been really great at being able to say, “You’re doing one of your tricks” or “I can see you’re phoning it in.” He’s been great because he knows me personally,” she explained. While its not always a great idea to mix business with personal, it really works out for Law and her husband.

Because they know each other so well, he’s able to call her out “pretty quickly” when she’s not doing the best she can.

Meanwhile, her manager brings similar energy to the table.

“He’s eternally optimistic. Joel Stevens has been there when there were stretches where I wasn’t booking, and at no point did he threaten to drop me as a client. There was a time when I conveyed to him that I was afraid he was going to drop me because I hadn’t booked anything in two years. He goes, “No way. We’re in this for the long run. This is a marathon. This isn’t a sprint,” Law recounted.

Katrina Law’s Jessica Knight is Part of a ‘New Era’ of ‘NCIS’

It’s this kind of support that wounded up landing her the role of Jessica Knight on NCIS. Law is one of the new cast members on a series where fans are tired of their old favorites leaving replaced by new people. But it looks like a lot of fans really like Law in the role regardless.

Law joined the show following the departure of Agent Bishop actress Emily Wickersham. She’s one of two people joining the cast this year. Cary Cole has stepped in as now-leading Special Agent Alden Parker. Following the shocking exit of Mark Harmon’s special agent Gibbs, Parker took over as boss.

If you want to see more of this new era, you can catch NCIS when it returns from a brief hiatus on Monday, November 29th at 9/8 CT.