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‘NCIS’ Star Katrina Law Fancies Herself the ‘Escape Artist’ in Stunning New Pic

(Photo by Gabe Ginsberg/Getty Images)

The “NCIS” team introduced Katrina Law’s character, Jessica Knight last season. During her brief run, Knight connected with the tight-knit team almost immediately.

Knight was introduced in the final two episodes of the season. While fans had a short time to get to know her, it quickly became clear Knight will often play by her own rules.

Since joining the cast, Law’s character would do anything she can to complete her assignments. As well as be there for her teammates.

Knight couldn’t be held in one spot if she was needed somewhere else. The officer even tried to sneak out of the hospital after she was injured in an explosion. The same explosion killed the officer’s teammates.

‘NCIS’ Actress Talents are In’escape’able

Perhaps it was this that the actress was referring to when she took to Instagram earlier this week. In the Insta-post, Katrina Law shared a stunning photo of herself with the caption “escape artist.”

It has since the eighteenth season finale of the hit CBS series, that Kristina Law will be joining the “NCIS” cast in the nineteenth season. Making Jessica Knight a series regular.

In her short two-episode stint on the popular law enforcement series, Kristina Law has effortlessly portrayed her character as one who will stop at nothing to do what is best for her team. Even if it includes stepping outside of guidelines to do what needs to be done.

A recent TV Insider article, the outlet discussed ways the Jessica Knight character will add her own ways of getting things done to the special forces team.

“Seeing the influence she had on Torres to encourage him not to wait for backup before checking out a suspect’s trailer, we can’t help but want to see someone “hold the leash” of the “two attack dogs,” as he put it,” TV Insider wrote of a scene between Knight and “NCIS” member and former undercover agent, Nick Torres. Wilmer Valderrama portrays Torres. Torres stepped in as one of the newest member “NCIS” team members in season fourteen after Tony Dinozzo’s exit from the series.