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‘NCIS: LA’ Upcoming Season Episode to Have Extra Special Meaning Behind it for Eric Christian Olsen, Here’s Why

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The upcoming season of NCIS: LA should have some great episodes, but one holds special meaning for Deeks actor Eric Christian Olsen. NCIS: LA season 13 will air on October 10th, but you’ll have to wait until the 19th episode of the show to see Eric Olsen’s writing debut. Not only that but it’ll be directed by his co-star Daniela Ruah.

This is all according to information from TV Line. Ruah plays Olsen’s wife on NCIS: LA but she’s actually his sister-in-law in real life. The two teaming up to create an episode both behind the camera and in front of it should be awesome and is just another reason to get pumped for season 13 of NCIS: LA.

If it goes well, this could spell more creative collaboration for the two NCIS: LA actors behind the camera in the future.

One ‘NCIS: LA’ Actress Is Making a Highly Anticipated Return

While it’s a shame NCIS: LA fans lost Nell and Eric last season, the returning cast is seriously exciting. Hetty actress Linda Hunt is back, and fans can rejoice. During season 12, fans worried about the future of Hetty on the show because Linda Hunt was barely on the season, but there was a good reason.

The actress has to hang back for NCIS: LA season 12 due to COVID-19 precautions. As the oldest member of the cast, Hunt was at a higher risk of contracting the disease. However, it doesn’t look like she’s planning on leaving the show any time soon. Showrunner R. Scott Gemmill told TV Line that she was thrilled and all vaxxed up.

“Linda had both her vaccines and came back, and she was so happy to be back,” he said. “She had been gone for so long, she was thrilled to be back on set.”

And thankfully, they’re still taking serious care to make sure nobody gets hurt.

“We’re doing everything we can to keep everyone safe, and Linda, you know, is a little extra-special in terms of how we have to look out for her,” he said. During the next season, they’ll reveal more about why Hetty was away, and it seems she’ll be plenty involved in the ongoing storyline.

There’s Plenty to Get Excited About For Next Season

On top of Linda Hunt making her return, Kilbride actor Gerald McRaney is joining the cast as a regular. That means you’ll get way more of his hilariously gloomy takes this upcoming season.

The season should also tackle Kensi and Deeks’ struggle to have a child and Callen’s relationship with Hetty.

If October 10th seems like a long time to wait for the season premiere of NCIS: LA, we hear you. In the meantime, you can watch NCIS and NCIS: Hawai’i, which are both just around the corner. The two shows air back to back on Monday, September 20th on CBS.