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‘NCIS: Los Angeles’ Deleted Scene Reveals Shocking Orders for Deeks and Kensi

Photo by FilmMagic/FilmMagic for HBO

NCIS: Los Angeles fans, let your minds wander back to late May and the finale for season 12.

There are some missing scenes related to the finale. The action didn’t change. It was more about what Admiral Kilbride initially wanted Deeks to do.

So let’s first set the scene. As the NCIS: Los Angeles episode opens, Deeks is at the beach, soaking up some sun and wanting to surf. But drat, he’s kidnapped. Because it’s Deeks, kidnapping doesn’t have to be fraught. This one was very funny. His capturers put a hood on his head, then took him through a neighborhood drive-through restaurant.

Turns out, Igor and his kidnapping pals are there at the bequest of Kirkin, who before he died wanted Deeks to take over his gang of criminals. Deeks almost immediately found out there’s another Igor involved. So we have Igor I and Igor II. And it’s Igor II who is problematic.

Meanwhile, there’s another case. A mystery, militarized dolphin washes shore. He’s dead. But we find out he’s been trained by the Russian Navy. A Russian soldier had been found — was he the person behind the dolphins? Were there more? The NCIS: Los Angeles office assigned Sam (LL Cool J and Roundtree (Caleb Castille) to check out the case. And yes, there were more dolphins. The soldier they found had been trying to rescue the dolphins. He hadn’t known one of them died.

In Missing ‘NCIS: Los Angeles’ Scene, Kilbride Hints that Deeks, Kensi Can Use Lethal Force

Then Deeks (Eric Christian Olsen) and Kensi (Daniela Ruah) meet with Kilbride, the retired admiral who is helping out with investigations because Hetty is in an unidentified war zone. What’s the plan for the person who murdered a dolphin?

Here’s the dialogue from the now-deleted scene:

“Admiral,” Deeks said as he and Kensi talked to Kilbride. And the admiral asks: “What’s the plan?”

“We’re going to set up a perimeter around the aquarium and see if we can get eyes on one or both Igors,” Kensi told Kilbride.

Deeks adds: “And see if this is where they stashed the rest of those Russian military dolphins.”

“Good luck with that,” Kilbride tells them. But this is what Kilbride really wanted. He added: “Oh, if you find that any of these Russians put a bullet into that dolphin’s skull … Hopefully he attacks you with lethal force.”

So, in other words, Kilbride wanted Deeks and Kensi to respond with similar force and kill the guy.

“Admiral!” says a surprised Deeks. “Copy that.”

The Russian gang that kidnapped Deeks was involved with the dolphins. Turns out that they were trying to steal them so that they could free them. One of the Igors says he accidentally killed the dolphin. But there was no traditional deadly forced necessary. Deeks dropped the dolphin killer into a tank of sharks.

And no, Deeks didn’t take over running the Russian gang. He stuck with NCIS: Los Angeles. The premiere of season 13 is on Oct. 10.