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‘NCIS: Los Angeles’ Star LL Cool J Brings the Intensity in Photos Ahead of New Episode

Photo: Screen Grab/CBS ©2021 CBS Broadcasting, Inc. All Rights Reserved.

Another new episode of NCIS: Los Angeles is set to premiere tonight after a slate of NFL games. LL Cool J has teased the new episode. Today, the longtime star of the show has fans excited with four sneak peek photos.

Fans were given four photos from the new episode. It looks like the team is going to be dealing with some difficult work. Sam Hanna is featured in two of the photos, looking stern and resilient. Also, Marty Deeks is doing some surveillance with a large camera. Finally, young additions Fatima and Roundtree will be featured as well.

“NCIS: LA Familia. Tonight we’re going in. 9p ET/PT Brand New episode right after football..” The actor-rapper captioned his post. There are some different storylines happening it seems. The season is still young and there won’t be many major revelations for some time, but the drama is always there.

Deeks is always up to something. However, who he is taking pictures of remains to be seen. Now, it could be a big deal and a high-profile suspect. Or, it could be nothing. Viewers are going to have to tune in to see.

We know that Callen is dealing with many issues as well. Since a couple of weeks ago, he has been dealing with the Subject 17 information. In tonight’s episode, Kilbride, Sam, and Callen will deal with major murder implications. So, it is another drama-filled episode coming right up after football tonight.

‘NCIS: Los Angeles’ Deals with Right-Wing Militia

Things are going to be serious tonight. Also, the team is dealing with a big issue. Apparently, a right-wing militia is suspected of carrying out a series of hits. So far, they have killed several undercover ATF agents. Now, the NCIS team is getting involved.

When Sam and Callen show up to work on the case, dealing with General Collins is clearly an obstacle. Kilbride is being a little too accommodating to the general for Callen’s liking. He has to defend his position to his team members.

“I know Gen Collins. He is a highly decorated officer. This is how I want to handle it. … Agent Hanna, we need to proceed with caution. Gen Collins is incredibly powerful and politically well connected. It can mean both of our careers if we mess this up.”

While that is true, the team is not happy about it. Since the case is politically sensitive, Kilbride is determined to do things right. Later, it becomes clear that the general might have supplied weapons to the militia. So, if that is the case, the NCIS: Los Angeles agents are going to have a big decision to make.

Then, the real hammer drops. Kilbride has many photos of himself with the general. Now, his team is questioning his apparent bias. Since they might not be able to overcome their boss, Sam, Deeks, and Callen will need to find new strategies to work the case.