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‘NCIS: Los Angeles’ Star Eric Christian Olsen Shares the Hilarious Way Co-Star LL Cool J Got His Baby to Stop Crying

(Photo by Barry King/Getty Images)

NCIS: Los Angeles‘ Eric Christian Olsen has the best LL Cool J story of them all, and it involves his adorable son Wyatt crying his eyes out. But not for long.

Let’s face it, everyone, NCIS fan or not, wants to be best friends with LL Cool J. The iconic musician & actor radiates kindness, coolness, and everything in between. So it should come as no surprise that he has the magic touch with babies.

Speaking on The Talk in 2015, NCIS: Los Angeles‘ own Marty Deeks, Eric Christian Olsen, shared proof of exactly this. It’s a hilarious anecdote that also shows close this cast is, and is a must-know for all fans of Los Angeles.

“One time I was at Dani’s housewarming party,” Olsen begins of the event at co-star Daniela Ruah’s home. “And it was the witching hour, so Wyatt was crying. I was in a back room, and you know that little dance you do with the baby? Just doing this for like an hour?” he mimics as he bounces up and down feverishly.

“So I’m holding the baby and he’s crying his eyes out, and LL walks in and goes… ‘It’s all love, man, it’s all love!’… And the baby stops crying!” Olsen decrees, still seemingly in disbelief.

“So I’m going ‘wait wait, come back!” he laughs as the talk show goes wild. “My wife’s there and she’s like… ‘That was amazing!”

We expect no less of the one and only LL Cool J. Watch the hysterical clip for yourself below and love the NCIS: Los Angeles cast even more than you already do. Then, we’ll get into a far more… odd… story.

Wait, what? Color this NCIS fan very confused. Actors do strange things all the time, sure. But this comes as a true surprise.

To cut right to the chase, Eric Christian Olsen‘s Los Angeles character – Marty Deeks – is married to Daniela Ruah’s character – Kensi Blye – as we all know.

In real life, however, Kensi actor Daniela Ruah is married to David Paul Olsen. Curious, as Olsen is also Eric Christian Olsen’s… Last… Name… Wait.

Yep. Eric Christian and David Paul are, in fact, brothers. This means that Eric Christian Olsen has been loving all over his sister-in-law on-screen for a decade. Fun?

As a man with several brothers… How? How is this fine? At the least, it makes family gatherings that much more interesting, we’re sure.

As for David Paul Olsen, Eric’s brother is a former Navy SEAL turned stunt double. And he works as Eric’s stunt double on NCIS: Los Angeles. We’re guessing this means the two met on set, yeah?

What a twist.