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‘NCIS: Los Angeles’: Watch Eric Christian Olsen Tell Hilarious Story About Potty Training His Son in 2017 Interview

(Photo by Noel Vasquez/GC Images)

As the father of three kids, NCIS: Los Angeles star Eric Christian Olsen has picked up some unique parenting tips along the way. And, like most families, his oldest child tends to be the guinea pig. But more than that, seven-year-old Wyatt Oliver seems to be Olsen’s partner in crime. The two spend plenty of father-son quality time together, all the while learning valuable life lessons.

Back in 2017, talk show host, Conan O’Brien welcomed the NCIS: Los Angeles star onto his show, CONAN. Olsen, of course, talked about developments with the show, but nothing makes a parent light up quite like talking about their kids. When the episode aired, Wyatt was only three-and-a-half and little Esmé Olivia was just eight-months-old. Winter Story, their newest arrival, was not yet born.

‘NCIS: Los Angeles’ Star Potty Trains Son in Unusual Way

As the topic of preschools came up, Olsen shared a story about potty training Wyatt when he was two years old. But unlike the typical method of taking your kid to the training potty, Olsen found a way to potty train his son while also teaching him a valuable lesson about the environment.

To combat excessive water usage during a drought, the father would take his son on “pee adventures.” Olsen and Wyatt would go outside whenever the two-year-old needed to relieve himself and proceed to pee in a bush. The NCIS: Los Angeles star reported that this not only saved water but made Wyatt excited to be potty trained.

However, the lesson backfired when Olsen took Wyatt with him to a preschool interview.

While Olsen spoke with the school’s representative, he saw young Wyatt stop in front of a potted tree in the preschool. He watched in horror as his son proceeded to pee in the plant. The NCIS: Los Angeles celebrity tried desperately to keep the representative’s attention until his son finished.

Finally, Wyatt wandered over to his dad before proudly telling both him and the representative, “‘Dada, I just peed in the indoor tree.'”

“Needless to say, ” Olsen added, smiling, “We’re not going to that preschool.”

Olsen Teaches Son Other Life Skills

Besides peeing in plants, the NCIS: Los Angeles star has taught his son a couple other unique skills. On Instagram, Olsen shared a photo of his wife, Sarah Wright, looking through their fridge. Above the unsuspecting mother, Wyatt pokes his head out from behind one of the cabinets, where he had just climbed. Ever the adventurist like his father, the young boy looks pleased with his accomplishment.

Olsen captioned the hilarious photo, “when teaching your kid how to rock climb fully backfires.#Parentoftheyear.” All parents of rambunctious kids can relate.

But then again, sometimes a knack for excitement can come in handy. On Monday, the NCIS: Los Angeles star shared another moment with his son at a rodeo grounds. The brave Olsen boy holds onto a mechanical bull as it spins him around, one arm raised in the air. He looks like a natural already, hinting to his dad and their fans that Wyatt will be a tough one to tame.

Hopefully, dad can keep him corralled.