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‘NCIS: Los Angeles’: Wild Theory Suggests 2 Major Characters Conspiring to Take Out Kensi

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The showrunner of NCIS: Los Angeles is talking about whether to write in a pregnancy or adoption for Kensi, portrayed by Daniela Ruah.

She and Marty Deeks, her partner and husband, are fan favorites. But Scott Gemmill said writers are concerned that a couple of NCIS: Los Angeles agents might not want to start a family, given the danger of their jobs.

And high anxiety is expected to kick in for NCIS: Los Angeles season 13. David Kessler is looming. And a fan theory suggests Kessler may have help from another Kensi rival. That would be Ferris, the rogue CIA agent who died in season eight.

First off, about Kessler, who NCIS: Los Angeles fans learned about in season 12. He was a manipulative sort who was able to receive a bizarre presidential pardon to get out of prison. Kensi initially was responsible for putting him behind bars.

Parts of NCIS: Los Angeles Episode Resembled Silence of the Lambs

The scenes between Kensi and Kessler (played by Frank Military) were intense and reminded some of the narrative of a very scary movie classic — Silence of the Lambs.

“You talked about Clarice in Silence of the Lambs, but I think there’s a big difference,” Ruah told TVLine.com about the NCIS: Los Angeles episode. “And when I explain this, you’ll see why. The difference between them is that Kensi is not green in her experience in dealing with sick minds, right? Clarice was in kind of a discovery mode. And it was almost like a weird ‘love story’ between those two, and that’s not what’s happening here at all.

“Kensi is an experienced agent,” the NCIS: Los Angeles star said. “She doesn’t have a young mind that is easily manipulated. Much to the contrary, she’s very aware of this man. She’s the one who put him in jail for 30 years, and it was the case that got her into the Office of Special Projects. It was the case that got Hetty’s attention. So, she knows exactly what she’s doing when she’s going in there, and she knows exactly what kind of language he’s going to use, but that doesn’t mean that she doesn’t crack.

“When he starts talking about her inability to have children, and how he can tell her ‘hips haven’t cracked’ yet. It’s still sick. It’s still shocking because she obviously is a fundamentally good person fighting for good in everything she does. He definitely manages to create some cracks in her, but that’s so fascinating to me, to watch this journey between them. And then the end is a complete twist.”

But fans figured out that Kessler, who sent Kensi a threatening postcard after his release, has some sort of inside help. Like where is he getting intel on Kensi’s location? That’s where Ferris comes in. Deeks killed Ferris in season eight. But did he set up others to receive protected information about Kensi’s whereabouts?

Stay tuned.