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‘NCIS’ Stars Mark Harmon and Rocky Carroll Make ‘Magic’ in Behind-the-Scenes Pic

(Photo by Michael Tullberg/Getty Images)

Following the second episode of season nineteen, the NCIS crew took to social media to share a behind-the-scenes snapshot of castmates Mark Harmon and Rocky Carroll

“Making #NCIS magic,” the caption reads. Both NCIS castmates are seen wearing face shields and Carroll is wearing a mask in between takes. 

The latest behind-the-scene picture comes just after NCIS released a sneak peek of Mark Harmon’s Gibbs getting a talking to from Gary Cole’s Alden Park. During the scene, the two discuss why Gibbs shot serial killer Scott Lemere as he held a knife to Kasie’s throat.

Park said that while the review board would feel that Gibbs took a clean shot, he doesn’t feel as if that was a smart move to make. This obviously sparked a clash between the two NCIS characters in the hospital. Gibbs then said that there’s no way that Lemere is going to die. 

Mark Harmon Shares How He Stays Fit For ‘NCIS’ 

During an interview with Men’s Journal, NCIS star Mark Harmon opened up about how he stays in shape for the action-packed series. “Training is what you do. It’s what you wake up in the morning doing and go to bed at night thinking about. That’s your job, so to speak. I don’t know [if] that has changed for me.”

The NCIS castmate also said he tries to take care of himself and try to eat well. “I don’t do the same stuff I was doing when I was 24-years-old,” he proclaimed. Harmon then said he does Pilates to keep in shape. “It completely kicks my a—,” the actor admitted. “[I had a] shoulder injury [that drew me to Pilates]. The physical therapist I went to was all about that. They kick your a— on these machines.”

Harmon then recalls being a big runner after college and even ran 60 to 70 miles every week.  In regards to what he would be doing, if he wasn’t an actor, the NCIS star stated he would be a carpenter. “I tried to do that, but I just couldn’t get hired,” he said. The actor also said he enjoyed getting up and doing woodwork in the morning.

“For me, it was about materials and doing right. If you did it right, [the project] outlasted you,” Harmon explained.

He declared he still enjoys carpentry. He also recalled jobs that he prior to his acting career, including working at an ad firm. Harmon was also a shoe salesman. He went on to add the lesson he has learned as an actor. This, of course, is learning to accept that control isn’t a thing in the acting profession.

“As an actor, you control none of it. That’s sometimes important. Stepping away from it and not putting so much focus on it. Sometimes [that is] a better tactic than trying to throw the ball through the tire more times than the next guy.”