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‘NCIS: New Orleans’ Alum Lucas Black Making Return to One of His Most Memorable Characters

Photo by: John Shearer/WireImage

“NCIS: New Orleans” was a pretty fast-paced show before it was recently canceled after its seventh season.

The New Orleans team was led by Scott Bakula as Dwayne Cassius Pride as everyone worked to track down crime and mischief in The Big Easy.

Lucas Black was on the show from the first season to season six as Senior Field Agent Christopher LaSalle. While his role involved some fast-paced action scenes, it doesn’t quite compare to one of his other highly popular movie roles.

‘NCIS: New Orleans’ Star On ‘Fast & Furious’ Movies

Black appeared in “The Fast and the Furious: Tokyo Drift” in 2006. Here he played Sean Boswell in the third “Fast and Furious” franchise movie directed by Justin Lin. He plays the main character of the movie, a young high school student interested in street racing.

After a particularly bad racing incident, Sean gets sent to live in Japan with his father, a U.S. Navy officer in Tokyo. The move doesn’t get him away from racing, however. Instead, he befriends Twinkie, a friend that introduces him to drift racing in Japan.

While his character Christopher LaSalle was killed off “NCIS: New Orleans,” his character Sean Boswell is alive and better than ever. That character is also making a reappearance in a brand new movie coming soon.

Lucas Black teased his character coming back with an Instagram video captioned, “We are back! Hard to believe ‘Tokyo Drift’ was 15 years ago. Thank you guys for all the support. You fans have been asking if we were coming back and here we are. #Fast9 #fastandfurious9”

Lucas Black Talks Favorite Character

The video shows the car his character built from scratch. Fans of Lucas Black and his character can see him in the highly anticipated movie, “F9: The Fast Saga.” According to The Hollywood Reporter, the film is headed for a $66 million debut after releasing on June 25.

The movie stars Vin Diesel, Michelle Rodriguez, Jordana Brewster, Tyrese Gibson, Ludacris, John Cena, Charlize Theron, and Nathalie Emmanuel.

Lucas Black has consistently said that being a part of the “Fast & Furious” franchise has been his favorite experience as an actor. It passes up his many years on “NCIS: New Orleans.”

“Just being a part of Fast & Furious is incredible and a huge success for me. It was a blessing to see that it was one of those films that stood out from the franchise. That’s what’s so unique about Tokyo Drift, it kind of has its own following. And I know the movie and the story, the saga has changed throughout the years, and that’s been a good thing. But Tokyo Drift stands out different, and I’m proud of that,” Black said in an interview with Entertainment Weekly.

Some fans speculated that he left and was killed off “NCIS: New Orleans” in order to save time for the upcoming “Fast & Furious” movie. He also left to spend more time with his wife and three kids.

Fans were especially excited for “F9: The Fast Saga” because it is bringing together a lot of actors from the franchise’s many movies.