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‘NCIS’ Renewed for 19th Season, Mark Harmon Set to Return

(Photo by Sonja Flemming/CBS via Getty Images)

Great news, NCIS fans! America’s most-watched drama series is coming back for a nineteenth season. CBS made the decision to keep the show running after months of negotiations. For a while, many people thought the series was over. However, recent reports indicate that it will go on for at least one more season.

Not only will NCIS continue but its star Mark Harmon is slated to return. Back in February Harmon seemed to be tired of the character of Agent Gibbs. After all, he has been playing the character since JAG back in 2003. However, he was informed that if he retired, the show would most likely end, according to The Hollywood Reporter. As a result, he entered negotiations with the studio. Ending the show would have left several fans reeling as well as several cast and crew members unemployed.

Uncertainties Still Surround NCIS

NCIS will be back for another season and Harmon will return. Those are both good news. However, those are the only certainties we have at this point. There are still several unanswered questions. For instance, how often will Harmon be on the show? There is a possibility that he will return full-time. On the other hand, he may only appear in a handful of episodes.

There is also the question of how many episodes this season of NCIS will consist of. The past two seasons were drastically shortened due to COVID restrictions. Things are slowly starting to return to normal but we aren’t out of the woods yet. So, season nineteen may be shortened as well. Only time will tell.

We will report more details as they come available.