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‘NCIS’ Star Rocky Carroll Was Given Nickname on Set Because of One Occasional Role He Tackles

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What do you call an actor/director who plays the director of a special forces unit on television? Well, “Director, Director,” of course! When “NCIS” actor Rocky Carroll decided to try his hand at the director’s seat, many on the set found it to be amusing. It was a unique experience that Carrol, who plays “NCIS” director Lance Vance on the hit series to get to try his turn in the literal director’s chair.

Additionally, noted one Looper article, the irony of the actor taking on the two roles was not lost on the “NCIS” cast and crew.

“I’ve been given a nickname at work when I’m behind the camera,” Carol said in a June 29 Looper article. “I’m now Director Director because I play the director, and I am the director.”

The “NCIS” Star Wears Many Hats

Carroll, who joined the “NCIS” cast in the fifth season of the hit CBS series. He was also featured in the “NCIS: Los Angeles” premiere episode. Since his addition to the series, Carrol has directed 13 “NCIS” episodes. The “NCIS” actor/director has also taken on the director role in the “Magnum P.I.” season two episode “May the Best One Win.”

Rocky Carrol, who has been a member of the “NCIS” team since 2008, started considering taking on a real-life director role about five years ago, Looper reported.

According to the article, Carroll approached the “NCIS” producers early on. From there, Carroll asked if he could shadow the position for a bit. By season twelve, Carroll was ready to attempt his first try in the new role.

Carroll Open To Collaboration While In Director Chair

Looper noted that while Carroll was eager to take on the new role. However, he was careful to remain diplomatic as he directed his castmates. It was important to Carroll that he remain collaborative with his fellow actors during the process, the outlet noted.

“After his directing duties, he still has to come back as an actor and rejoin his castmates,” the article explained. “After all, causing any bad blood would make things on the set much more difficult.”

The article went on to note that the “NCIS” star recently told Parade Magazine that the experience left him with a newfound admiration for directors. Looper noted that the actor likened the director’s duties to those of a “royal wedding planner,” having to focus on every single detail. No matter how small.

Carroll’s Lance Vance is the director of the “NCIS.” He reports directly to the Secretary of the Navy. As a result, the character has so far appeared in each version of the “NCIS” franchise.