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‘NCIS: Sydney’ International Spinoff Coming to Paramount+

Photo: Sonja Flemming/CBS ©2020 CBS Broadcasting, Inc. All Rights Reserved.

NCIS is about to go international! Paramount+ has announced a new addition to the hit franchise is in the works. This time, the NCIS teams will go down under as they begin investigations in the Aussie city of Sydney.

Aussie native and NCIS: Los Angeles creator Shane Brennan will oversee the production of the new series, which marks the first time NCIS offices will be setting up base overseas. The new series will be available on Paramount + in 2023. It will feature stories local to the Australian area. NCIS: Sydney will be filming primarily in Syndey Australia and will feature local actors and producers.

“It is such a privilege to be able to continue the legacy of such a wonderful show,” notes Beverly McGarvey Chief Content Officer and Executive Vice President at ViacomCBS Australia and New Zealand, of the upcoming NCIS addition. McGarvey adds that it will be exciting to introduce Aussie actors – and Aussie locations to such a prolific CBS series.

“We are thrilled to welcome the inaugural international series of NCIS to Australian shores,” McGarvey says. “We can’t wait to get production underway.”

People Are ‘Dying’ For A Turn On ‘NCIS’

NCIS has been a mainstay on television for many years. During this time, fans have seen many versions of the series as the hit franchise continues to expand. From New York to Los Angeles, to Hawaii to the original NCIS team which is located in Washington D.C., the franchise seems to have covered it all.

Especially now that it’s expanding to Sydney. And, across each one of these shows and various locations, one thing stays constant…there are regularly dead bodies featured on the series. And, some of these bodies we are surprised to learn, are played by real-life people in some NCIS scenes.

“People are dying to be dead people on this show,” notes NCIS showrunner Mark Horowitz.

The Worst Job On Television?

Portraying a dead body on a popular investigative series may seem like an easy gig…an easy gig with some perks, really. I mean, you’d spend a chunk of your time with characters such as Ducky and Gibbs hovering over you as they work on their investigation. But, apparently, the role of “cadaver” is one of the worst available in the field.

“I tell them, I am very upfront, I say it’s horrible, this is the worst job you’ll ever have,” Mark Horowitz says of his pre-filming pep talk with his cadaver players.

“I try to root out the faint of heart as early as possible,” the showrunner adds. “And if they’re going to be in one of these sliding doors we talk all about claustrophobia.”

It’s good that NCIS showrunners are this on top of ruling out those who wouldn’t react well to the role. No doubt it could certainly be a daunting one. Anyone who has watched the popular series knows that the dead bodies are usually in some precarious positions. Even when they are at the NCIS headquarters.

“You’re on a cold, metal table almost naked, with a very hot light shining on your private area,” notes NCIS star Brian Dietzen. “And you have to hold your breath and not move at all when we are filming.”