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‘NCIS,’ ‘The Ellen DeGeneres Show’ and More Major Shows Canceled, Ending: Here’s What to Know

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Some of TV’s most iconic shows are set to come to an end. Whether they’ve fallen victim to the Broadcast TV cancellation season or will reach an organic end, multiple fan favorites will soon be off air. This includes shows in the NCIS franchise and the infamous Ellen show.

‘NCIS: New Orleans And Other Cancelled Shows

CBS canceled one of the multiple shows in their NCIS lineup. The flagship has been renewed for a 19th season. NCIS: New Orleans, however, didn’t make the cut, getting canceled after seven seasons.

The pandemic is also a reason for TV shows coming to an end. Another show to get the ax was Netflix’s GLOW. The series may not have reached a wide audience appeal, but had a devoted fan following. With the NCIS: New Orleans cancellations, there was no promise of renewal. This wasn’t the case for GLOW. The streaming service initially renewed GLOW for a 4th season before canceling it due to COVID-19.

‘The Ellen Degeneres Show,’ ‘This is Us,’ And Other Shows Coming to a Natural Conclusion

Fictional works like those in the NCIS franchise aren’t the only ones meeting an end. The Ellen Degeneres Show is going off the air after its final season next year. Degeneres has said that she felt that it was time for her show to meet a natural end.

While fans and critics alike have speculated that the move is related to the controversy the show faced earlier in the year, where staffers came forward about a toxic workplace, Degeneres has said that it’s not related to the show’s end.

There are now high schoolers that were born after Keeping Up With the Kardashians aired. The E! network show, which aired in 2007, will end after 20 seasons. But naturally, the Kardashians aren’t staying out of the spotlight. Kim, Khloe, Kourtney, Kris, Kylie, and Kendall are starting up a new show with Hulu that will likely follow a similar premise.

Unlike NCIS: New Orleans, the ending of This is Us was widely expected. This is Us, the NBC drama that follows a family over multiple generations is reaching a natural conclusion and ending after its upcoming 6th season. The six-season run was show creator Dan Fogleman’s initial plan. While it may be sad for fans not to have This is Us anymore, at least the writer’s room got to tell the story they planned to tell.

Some Shows Have Fizzled Out

To say the AMC drama, The Walking Dead, will reach a natural conclusion may be a bit of a stretch. The zombie apocalypse show was massively popular up until its middle years. With many main cast members and fans dropping the show, the series will finally reach its end after season 11. Of course, its ending is still quite sad for fans that stuck around this long, and The Walking Dead being off-air will leave behind a large gap in AMC’s lineup.

These are far from the only shows set to meet their end. Other popular titles include Last Man Standing, Shameless, Superstore, Pose, and Brooklyn Nine-Nine, and Conan. The NCIS franchise is also experiencing other shakeups, with NCIS: Hawai’i coming in the fall. While the ending of these shows is sad for fans, hopefully, the shows that take their place will breathe new life into the TV industry.