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‘NCIS’ Villain’s Gruesome Death Shocked Fans in Episode 3 of Season 19

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Usually, whenever the NCIS team captures a cold-blooded killer, we see justice prevail as they slap on the cuffs and send them on their way to the big house. This victorious moment brings peace to fans that their favorite team members are safe and another criminal is off the streets. In the latest episode, Gibbs faced off with a particularly cruel hitman, Lemere, who knew just how to press all of the agent’s buttons.

For a while, we worried that Gibbs would give into the side of himself that let rage and revenge take over. After all, at one point, the NCIS agent did pull his gun on Lemere. With Gibbs’ emotions once again in check and the rest of the crew quickly uncovering the mastermind behind the hits, we expected the typical, tidy ending with Lemere headed back to prison. However, just when we felt the episode wind to a close, we were met with a huge surprise.

One minute, Lemere was giving a crucial clue regarding a bay in Alaska. The next, he was in literal pieces.

The NCIS criminal intentionally stepped on a landmine, effectively offing himself in possibly the most dramatic way possible. As his body hit the ground, fans were still trying to process the gruesome and voluntary death and took to Twitter to share their reactions.

“LeMere wanted to go out his way. #NCIS,” one fan said candidly.

“Ding dong the psycho is dead. #NCIS,” another cheered.

“Ok, that was gruesome. #NCIS,” said another.

“Holy butts. I guess that problem’s been solved. #NCIS,” said another.

One fan even capped their reaction with a fitting GIF.

Meanwhile, one especially observant viewer predicted the explosive ending to the episode.

“I had a gut feeling that was going to happen to Lemere #NCIS,” they wrote.

What to Expect in Season 19 Episode 4 of ‘NCIS’

After visiting the copper mine in Alaska, Gibbs took a trip to the graveyard where his daughter and wife lay. Normally, this would just be another touching moment between the NCIS agent and his family, but we then see that there is a place beside them for Gibbs. Foreshadowing? We certainly hope not.

While we continue to recover from the shocking ending of this week’s episode, we also have the promo of Episode 4 to enjoy. Although, it doesn’t bring much comfort regarding Gibbs’ fate. In the short clip, we are left with even more questions than before as the FBI begins its search for our beloved NCIS agent with Alden Parker leading the pack. In one of the scenes, a frustrated official angrily explains that Gibbs has “managed to avoid paying the price for his actions” for too long.

The hunt for Gibbs never seems to end.