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‘NCIS’: Where You Recognize Dr. Grace Confalone From

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If you recognized Dr. Graze Confalone in your NCIS re-watch, you aren’t alone. Here’s where you may have recognized her from.

Dr. Grace Confalone is played by Laura San Giacomo. If you need a refresher, Confalone is Gibbs’ therapist. Gibbs was resistant to the idea of going to therapy initially, but eventually decided it was in his best interest after getting shot in season 13.

First, you may recognize San Giacomo from the 1989 film Sex, Lies, And Videotape. The film was Steven Soderbergh’s directorial debut. In the film, San Giacomo plays Cynthia Patrice Bishop. The film followed a complex romantic entanglement involving multiple people.

In the film, Cynthia stirs up a ton of trouble. She’s having an affair with her sister, Ann’s, husband. But Ann finds out he’s cheating and has no idea it’s with Cynthia, and winds up confiding a lot in her sister. San Giacomo was nominated for a Golden Globe for her role as Cynthia.

The ‘NCIS’ Guest Actress Had Major Roles in Multiple Iconic Films

Following her role as Cynthia, San Giacomo played a supporting character in none other than Pretty Woman. The iconic romantic comedy follows businessman Edward Lewis and Vivian Ward, the woman he falls for. Ward was a sex worker he hired. The film follows Ward struggling to fit in with his lifestyle and Lewis learning to be a better person.

San Giacomo plays Kit de Luca, a sex worker, and Vivian Ward’s roommate. And when things get tough, Kit de Luca serves as a great form of comedic relief.

San Giacomo also starred in the NBC sitcom Just Shoot Me! The sitcom aired from the late 90s into the early 2000s. On Just Shoot Me! San Giacomo played Maya Gallo, daughter of wealthy businessman Jack Gallo. Maya works for her dad’s magazine and quickly tries to change things up.

NCIS has been airing for 19 seasons now, and they’ve had a ton of guest stars who’ve been in the industry for decades. San Giacomo did incredibly well during her time on NCIS, and it’s interesting to see where the actress got her start, and the wide variety of roles she’s played during her career.

Right now, NCIS is on a hiatus. The show won’t air new episodes until after the Olympics end. The same is true for its spinoff shows, NCIS: Hawai’i and NCIS: Los Angeles. If you want to watch old episodes of NCIS, including the one with San Giacomo, you can stream the show on Paramount +. The show will return to TV on February 28th.