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Nicole Kidman’s Travel to Hong Kong Causes Public Backlash

(Photo by Axelle/Bauer-Griffin/FilmMagic)

Nicole Kidman joins the slew of celebrities gaining access to quarantine exemptions in other countries. This is despite much stricter rules for the rest of the public. Last week, Kidman traveled to Hong Kong to film for her Amazon series, The Expats. She received a quarantine waiver in the process. This drew in a hoard of negative attention and negative comments aimed directly towards the star.

Currently, the protocol for the general public entering Hong Kong involves a 21-day mandated quarantine in a hotel whether a person is vaccinated or not. Due to these strict rules, many locals have not been able to travel anywhere outside the city in almost two years. After photos of Kidman shopping emerged, local folks erupted and the Commerce and Economic Development Bureau had to issue a statement describing Kidman’s role as essential to the local economy to combat some of the backlash.

It can be upsetting seeing a celebrity bypass all the inconveniences the rest of us are subjected to. At the end of the day, however, Kidman was fulfilling her duties as an actress and making content to entertain folks at home. Should we hold Kidman and other celebrities accountable? Are they just doing their jobs? It’s a nuanced topic with no clear-cut answers.

Kidman Has No Comment

The star has not responded to any of the backlash yet and it appears her team is curbing any comments as well. Kidman’s most recent Instagram post promotes her latest project. The comment section is surprisingly positive.

Nicole Kidman Isn’t Immune to All COVID Procedures

Nicole Kidman might have bypassed some COVID procedures, like quarantining in Hong Kong, but the star faces difficulties as well. She likes to maintain a rather private family life but gives us a glimpse every now and then. Since the start of the pandemic, many sets adopted policies that bar visitors in order to maintain health and safety practices. For Kidman, this means her children cannot be present like they used to be. Kidman is the mother of Isabella and Connor with Tom Cruise and Sunday and Faith with Keith Urban.

Kidman gave Vanity Fair some insight as to what her relationship with her adopted children looks like. In particular, she linked her past project, Lion, to how she feels about her children.

“I can see now, for Lion, that it was important to me because I’m a mother with adopted children. This movie is a love letter to my children.” She then goes on to discuss how the character she portrays mirrors her true feelings. “Sue is deeply maternal and full of unconditional love, which is beautiful. That’s why I wanted to do it. I relate to that. I feel that for my own children who are adopted. It’s not about anything else other than, ‘I wanted you.’ It’s that deep and personal, and whatever your journey is, I’m here to love and support you. That’s what I connected to.”