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‘Ozark’: How Julia Garner’s ‘Inventing Anna’ Role Compares to Ruth

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You won’t find many characters as iconic as Ozark‘s Ruth Langmore, played by Julia Garner. It is a different, complicated character that so many folks have become so fascinated by for a variety of reasons. Now, though, Garner is taking a stab at playing another very different kind of character in Anna in Shonda Rhimes’ new film “Inventing Anna” where Garner plays the lead. Both characters don’t really follow the rules, but here is how Julia Garner’s “Inventing Anna” role compares to Ruth.

The two characters are both involved in crime, with Anna being based on a real person who used a surname to con people out of lots of money in the New York big-time scene. On Ozark, Ruth is also involved in illegal activity, just a different variety. The crossover may be the largest with the two’s accents as both characters have strong accents from very different places that should keep fans intrigued.

Agent Miller’s Decision on Ozark

The fallout from the decision by Agent Miller is still being felt on Ozark. Her decision to go rogue at the end of part one in Season 4 changed the game for the final seven episodes of the series. It’s now a totally different ball game for everyone involved. Especially Ruth and Jonah, who are now in the crosshairs of Javi and the cartel.

What will come of Jonah and Ruth? Fans had never seen Ruth in a state like that on the program before. With what Javi did, now things are set in motion for the endgame. Ruth has nothing left to lose after losing both her cousin and Ben last season. She is done with it all and just wants to burn it all to the ground. The problem for the Byrdes now is that this involves their son Jonah who has been laundering money on Ruth’s behalf in Season 4.

Chris Mundy told The Wrap, “It’s really about, can the center hold, and Jonah really represented that center.” He continued, “Because Charlotte had doubts and wasn’t really wanting to be part of it, but Jonah was kind of always onboard. So to potentially lose him begs the question of what are we trying to hold onto? That’s an emotional question, so we wanted to dive into it. And those little marriage cracks start to happen. They’re happening as this season goes on and then the second half they continue to happen.”

That’s the endgame of the program. What are the children going to do after everything their parents have put them through? Will both Charlotte and Jonah make it out of the show OK? With the state of Wendy, the wildcards are endless with only seven episodes to go.