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‘Ozark’ Star Jason Bateman Explains How the Byrdes’ Intelligence Is a Double-Edged Sword

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The hit Netflix series “Ozark” is back for its fourth season and it has been as intense and exciting as we all thought it would be.

“Ozark” prides itself on blood-pumping intensity and jaw-dropping twists, seemingly around every corner. The show follows the Byrde family, a rather normal-looking family unit with deep and disturbing secrets. The family resided in Chicago until Byrde family patriarch, Marty Byrde, discovers his partner has been stealing from a criminal organization. Marty’s duty was to “wash” the money for the organization through a money-laundering system. In order to keep him and his family safe, Marty makes a promise he knows he will be unlikely to keep. He uproots his young family and moves to the Ozarks, a Missouri tourism hub. He is tasked with laundering an insane amount of money for the organization. The show revolves around the Byrde family’s wheeling and dealing in order to stay alive.

Hollywood superstar Jason Bateman plays the role of Marty Byrde to near perfection. His immense skill as an actor is on full display each and every time he takes the “Ozark” screen. Marty is a highly intelligent, but rather normal and bland, man that gets caught up in the criminal underworld. In an interview with The Guardian, he talks about the mess that the Byrde family finds themselves in. He also notes that writing for the family’s storyline is quite difficult because of how intelligent they are.

“Marty and Wendy are really intelligent characters,” he says. “Sometimes that narrows your options as a writer, trying to keep things plausible. They can’t do really stupid things. The smart thing to do is to turn yourself in. Then the show’s over.”

Wendy is Marty’s wife and is played wonderfully by actress Laura Linney. They make quite a team

‘Ozark’ Star Jason Bateman Discusses Fourth Season of Hit Show

Since it became available on streaming giant Netflix a few years ago, “Ozark” has achieved great popularity. Much of the credit can go to the terrific acting of the super talented cast led by Bateman, who also directs.

“It’s more efficient for me to be playing a character in something because that’s one less person I need to direct,” he says. “I don’t have to have any sort of creative negotiation with that actor. Especially when I’m the lead character, I can just adjust my own performance to motivate a different performance out of the other actor. I can get them to speed up or slow down or trick them by being more emotional.”

The end result is something to behold as “Ozark” is one of the best-acted and directed shows on all of television.

With the first half of the fourth season already out — we wait to see how will end when the second half of the season becomes available.