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Paul McCartney Reveals Taylor Swift Changed Her Album Release Date For His New Release

(Photo by Gustavo Caballero/Getty Images)

Music legend Paul McCartney was interviewed this week on the Howard Stern SiriusXM show. During the show, he talks about how he and Taylor Swift made sure to release their albums at different times.

Those albums respectively are evermore, from Swift, and McCartney III by McCartney. McCartney is widely regarded as one of the greatest musicians of all-time.

So, McCartney explains the wonderful story of Swift moving her album release around not to interfere with McCartney III. Certainly, this is one of the classiest things an artist can do for another artist.

“I did the Rolling Stone cover with Taylor Swift, and she just emailed me recently. She said, ‘I wasn’t telling anyone, but I’ve got another album.’ And she said, ‘So I was going to put it out on my birthday.’ But, I found out you were going to put [yours] out on the 10th. So I moved it to the 18th.’ And then she found out we were coming out on the 18th, so she moved back to the 10th. So I mean, you know, people do keep out of each other’s way. It’s a nice thing to do.”

McCartney is releasing his album tomorrow, on December 18, as long as there are no other setbacks from other artists. Moreover, McCartney explains that he, like Swift and other artists, recorded the album during quartine. He says that he spent most of his time in isolation during the pandemic working remotely with his collaborators.

McCartney Doesn’t Like Being “Cute”

Another topic that McCartney and Stern talk about on the ultra-popular show is a nickname that McCartney got with the Beatles. He also talks about how he hates the nickname.

Stern brings up the fact that McCartney, during his days with the Beatles was labeled the “cute” band member. And, the singer says that he absolutely despises the nickname.

The musician says that he never liked it because he thought it meant he wasn’t a “serious musician.” And this is just as Stern predicted. So, McCartney explains why he doesn’t like the name.

“I hated that. That’s what happens – just, ‘He’s the cute one.’ I’d go, ‘No, I’m not! Don’t call me that. I hate that!’… But once it’s said it kind of sticks. I just can’t help being cute, Howard. They had to just say, ‘He’s the cute one, he’s the quiet one, he’s the witty one, and he’s the drummer.'”

McCartney continues to explain why the lovable nickname wasn’t his favorite. In fact, along with the Stern show, he says the same thing in a New York Daily News article in 1989.

“[I’m] not comfortable with being ‘the cute Beatle.'”

But, on the SiriusXM show, McCartney further explains just why he never took to the epithet.

“I’ve never really thought I was ‘cute,’ though I guess some people think so. Maybe there were a few moments of cute, mostly in the early days. As you get older, the harder edges come out.”