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Priscilla Presley to Return to Graceland for 2021 Elvis Week

(Photo by Paul Archuleta/Getty Images)

Elvis Presley’s widow, Priscilla, will return to Graceland during a series of “Elvis Week” events at the historic Memphis site. The event acts as an annual remembrance of Presley, built around the anniversary of his death: Aug. 16, 1977.

After last year’s essentially “virtual” celebration of the life and legacy of Elvis Presley, the event is expected to attract thousands of fans. The 75-year-old will appear at the Aug. 16 “Elvis in Concert” event at the Graceland Soundstage. She’ll also make an appearance at the “Conversations on Elvis” panel discussion at the Soundstage.

Presley will also attend a new event. She’ll be at Graceland’s debut cocktail party on the back lawn for “Elvis Week Platinum Package Holders,” which are priced at $1,650 each.

Last year, due to the pandemic, “Elvis Week” was mainly a virtual event, with the annual “Candlelight Vigil” procession to Elvis’ grave restricted for the first time to a limited number of people. The event limited the attendees to 720.

However, as the ongoing pandemic winds down, Graceland is now preparing for “a huge gathering of thousands of Elvis fans and friends,” according to Graceland spokesperson David Beckwith. Slated for Aug. 11-17, the week’s events will include the vigil and the Ultimate Elvis Tribute Artist Contest.

Priscilla Presley Set to Make Graceland Homecoming

Other special events include the “Nashville Marathon Sessions 50th Anniversary Concert” at the Soundstage. The event will reunite guitarist James Burton, bassist Norbert Putnam, pianist David Briggs, and multi-instrumentalist Charlie McCoy, who accompanied The King during his classic sessions at RCA’s Studio B. There is no word yet about whether she and Elvis’ daughter, Lisa Marie Presley, will attend.

For much of her childhood, Lisa Marie spent time living with her father at Graceland. After Elvis passed away, he left the mansion to his daughter. In 1982, she opened the home to the public for tours. Even though Graceland remains a top-rated tourist attraction to this day, it’s still home for Lisa Marie.

During a recent virtual live tour of Graceland, the home’s archivist Angie Marchese revealed the details of what Lisa Marie and her family spend time doing when they visit.

According to Marchese, “The family…do not stay here at Graceland, but they do come here and visit. She added, “They don’t use Elvis and Priscilla’s china. We do have new china which we’ve purchased for Lisa to use when she’s here.”

Angie also explained how two extra tables are set up next to Graceland’s dining room for when the family enjoys meals together.