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Rosanna Arquette Declares She Will Kneel for the National Anthem ‘For the Rest of Her Life’

(Photo by Steve Granitz/WireImage)

Desperately Seeking Susan actress Rosanna Arquette took to her Twitter account to announce she is planning to kneel anytime she sees a U.S. flag or when the Star-Spangled Banner is being played.

“I don’t you know about you, but if the flag and ‘Star Spangled Banner’ comes around me, I kneel in solidarity,” Rosanna states in the tweet. “And will for the rest of my life.” 

Rosanna Arquette previously shared her opinion about kneeling during the National Anthem in 2019. “I’ll never stand for the flag again,” she wrote on Twitter with a picture of her kneeling near some American flags. 

Rosanna’s tweet comes just days after Olympian Gwen Berry turned her back as the national anthem played. She then placed a shirt over her head that read Activist Athlete.” She received third place in the hammer throw at the U.S. Track and Field Olympic Trials in Eugene, Oregon over the weekend. 

During her interview with the Black News Channel, Gwen states she never said she didn’t want to go to the Olympic games nor said she hated the U.S. “I never said that. All I said was I respect my people enough to not stand for or acknowledge something that disrespects them. I love my people. Point blank, period.”

Gwen’s father, who served in the military, is also standing up for her. “For her to do that on the podium is more American than anything, if you asked me,” he says. “Because that’s what our country is founded on: freedom of expression, freedom of speech.”

Gwen’s U.S. trial bronze medal qualified her for the Olympics in Tokyo. The track and field events will kick off on July 30th.

Rosanna Arquette Also Speaks Out Against Bill Cosby’s Release From Prison

Rosanna Arquette also shared her opinion about Bill Cosby’s release from prison. “I know many young women and men who are so afraid to press charges against their rapist and re-traumatize themselves,” Rosanna writes on Twitter. “I am heartbroken today to hear the news of Cosby’s release. This is sickening. My heart is with my sister survivors. We have work to do.”

Rosanna Arquette then writes, “I wonder how many people are lining up to make deals with Cosby. Too many people in Hollywood protect predator rapists and pretend to care about survivors but they really don’t.”

As previously reported, the Pennsylvania Supreme Court ordered Bill Cosby to be immediately released from prison on Wednesday (June 30th). According to Associated Press, the court is overturning Cosby’s sexual assault conviction after discovering a prosecutor made a deal with the actor that prevents him from being charged for sexual assault in the case. Rosanna Arquette is one of the many speaking out about the decision.