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Sadie Robertson’s Husband Reveals Sweet Wedding Photo Taken Moments Before Tying the Knot

Photo credit: Paul Archuleta/Getty Images

Sadie Robertson’s husband Christian Huff revealed a sweet candid moment from their wedding. A photographer captured Christian snapping a picture with his phone of Robertson before they married. The groom-to-be was all smiles.

Huff wrote, “When I saw @legitsadierob right before we got married I had to take a picture of her.”

In 2018, Robertson Huff met Christian. A little over a year later, the couple announced their engagement. They had their wedding that same year in Nov. 2019. In early October, the couple announced they were expecting their first child. The post featured a photo of the couple hugging and holding up their sonogram results.

The Duck Dynasty star wrote, “SCREAMING WITH EXCITEMENT TO SHARE THIS NEWS! Baby we already adore you. What I’ve learned from you already. God has still been creating, God is still believing in us. God is still bringing forth LIFE. Hope is still to come.”

Sadie Robertson Tested Positive For COVID-19

Robertson-Huff is still recovering after recently contracting COVID-19. The symptoms grew severe enough that the mother and child needed to be hospitalized. Like most things the reality star does, Robertson-Huff revealed she contracted the virus on Instagram, posting a picture from her hospital bed.

She wrote, “life update: I’m not going to lie, this has been one of the most challenging things. I got Covid-19 and ended up getting very sick. I know everyone experiences covid differently, but wow these symptoms are wild. I’ve definitely struggled through this one!”

Robertson Huff also said in the post that she was recovering and that the couple’s baby was doing just fine.

“My heart and my family’s heart goes out to everyone suffering with Covid,” Robertson Huff wrote. “Going to be chatting with my mom and Bella who also had covid on this Wednesday’s podcast.”