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Sam Elliott Blasting Netflix Western ‘The Power of the Dog’ Has the Internet Fired Up

(Photo by Christopher Polk/Getty Images for Critics' Choice Television Awards)

Sam Elliott, the star of Yellowstone prequel 1883, had some very strong opinions about the new Western psychological drama, The Power of the Dog. In a conversation with Marc Maron, on the podcast WTF with Marc Maron, Elliott lit into the film, giving a scathing, borderline hateful review of the Netflix Western.

While critics and fans alike have expressed adoration for the Oscar-nominated film, the 1883 star said things like, “What the f—?” and “What the f— does [Jane Campion, director] from down there, New Zealand, know about the American West?” At one point, Elliott goes as far as to call the movie a “piece of s–t.”

Well, there’s nothing wrong with standing alone in your opinions. However, when you do so, you have to accept that you’re going to receive criticism. And a lot of it. We doubt that the tidal wave of criticism has bothered Sam Elliott, or even crossed his radar, but criticism he did receive.

Upon the release of the podcast, social media exploded with backlash from fans of both 1883 and The Power of the Dog. In a heated reply, a fan writes, “LOL Sam Elliott did one Yellowstone prequel and thinks he’s now an expert on cowboys and the West. You’re an actor who grew up in Portland, what do YOU know about the American West Sam??” Here are a few more comments from disappointed fans:

Critics Also Disagree With Sam Elliot’s Opinion of ‘Power of the Dog’

Though Sam Elliott has made his hatred of The Power of the Dog known, it’s safe to say that he’s in the minority with his opinion. In fact, The Power of the Dog recently received an Oscar nomination! The Power of the Dog star, Benedict Cumberbatch will be in the running for Best Actor at this year’s Academy Awards. And that’s just one of the 325 nominations the film has received.

When you imagine Benedict Cumberbatch hearing the news, how do you imagine him? Grinning? Jumping up and down? Well, not quite. When his phone rang with the Oscar nomination announcement, the Sherlock star was sound asleep with his phone turned off.

Though he’s beloved by the entire world for his roles as Dr. Strange, Sherlock, and now Phil Burbank, Cumberbatch’s biggest fans, and top priority, remain his children. “I’m a dad of three small boys and my wife’s in New York. So I’m trying to get them ready for school and get them in a car, get them going.”

“But I kind of realized, ‘Oh, my phone, I better get it,’ just as we were finishing breakfast,” Cumberbatch continued. “So I turned it on [starts to laugh] and explained to three slightly confused little faces what it meant and why I was giggling and smiling a lot, and they had varying responses. I don’t talk about my private life, but that it is something I’m willing to share. It was a lovely moment to have with my boys.”