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‘SEAL Team’: David Boreanaz Remembers ‘Making Some Magic’ With Behind-the-Scenes Pic

(Photo by Rodin Eckenroth/WireImage/Getty Images)

While SEAL Team has wrapped up another season, star David Boreanaz is taking a step back into the behind-the-scenes world with a picture.

Boreanaz, who plays Jason Hayes on the Paramount Plus show, hopped on his Instagram account. He shared this snap with his fans and followers on Sunday.

Speaking of fans, they were very excited to see the post. In fact, their comments were quite effusive and filled with praise.

One writes: “Can’t wait to see what they bring for season 6.” Another one of the SEAL Team actor’s fans says: “(Fortunate Son begins playing).” That’s a reference to the classic rock song from Creedence Clearwater Revival.

‘SEAL Team’ Fan Hopes Show Continues To Advocate For Veterans

This one states: “Love it and hope maybe Tyler can come back to the team. (Please) can’t wait for season 6 and…keeping the faith all come back ok….Devoted Fan…” There’s this fan, too: “Love every single one of you. #sealteam best show”.

We get this comment, too, from a follower. The SEAL Team fan writes: “Finally Binged it as it kept popping up. Very happy with it. Also, please keep advocating and showing the true story of our veterans after their service.”

One of the show’s storylines has Jason dealing with Traumatic Brain Injury. That’s something a lot of military veterans deal with in their active-duty days as well as after they’ve served. Showing these sides of a soldier’s life lets others who watch the show religiously understand the troubles they do face.

Some Program Suggestions While Waiting Around For Season 6

Are you looking for some programming suggestions before SEAL Team Season 6 kicks into gear? Well, let’s take a look here.

So, go take a look at Strike Back. This is a British/American spy series that is based on a 2007 book from Chris Ryan. Each of the eight seasons has a different title. Still, they are all part of the Strike Back world.

Then, you can go watch The Unit, a 2006 series based on the special-op unit Delta Force. Similar to SEAL Team, this series focuses on an elite anti-terrorism squad as they train and go on missions abroad. It also deals with their personal lives and family drama, which SEAL Team loves to do.

One more for the books is a 2008 HBO miniseries titled Generation Kill. This gets away from the elite squad side of things. It focuses on the 1st Reconnaissance Battalion of the Marine Corps during Operation Iraqi Freedom. So, being on HBO makes it a bit grittier from network shows. Still, it’s good to try out if you are into military stories.